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In general terms, a template mentions a standard layout, essence, and appearance across various pages and among the content areas. By changing a template, the relevant regions and pages respective to a template also change accordingly. Templates render level-up standardization control, based on the type of template you add. By purchasing a premium template, you can easily refurbish your old looking site into a fresh one and it is also a cheap investment to change your website into a different looking and professionally modified website. Therefore, purchasing a premium template and changing the layout of the website is quite a reasonable way to give the best quality at a cheap rate.


Yes, you can use a CA Portal template to perform on CA Portal Multivendor as well. While designing a template, we can adjust a design to Multivendor also.


For payment of a template, go to the desired template on CA portal and click on it. After clicking the template, the template opens in a new panel. Go to the right-hand side corner of the page where you will find a “Buy Now” tab. By clicking on the option, a new form opens and after furnishing the details you can submit the form. After getting the information from your side, our experts will reach you in time and talk on the matter and after the whole process, you will get your template.


Yes, certainly, you can change somethings to the template to make it suitable to your requirement as per your business line. To proceed with the changes, you just need to fill a quote form mentioning your requirement. Our experts will always ready to attend your request and respond to you within 24 business hours with a price quote and estimated time for processing the work.


The CA portal provides each product with free updates for a one year. After a year, the templates updates are available with a stipulated charges. It is notable that Template updates also comprise any additional features and design for the respective templates. By subscribing to a newsletter, you will get an email mentioning a new version launch or some updates. As the update releases, you will find it in the Downloads section of your account.

It is notable that the bug fixes only include the CA Portal version of the released products and only comprises bug fixing of purchased theme caused by theme coding errors only. The CA portal is not responsible to bugs related to CA Portal server requirements not being met, bugs due to template misconfiguration or installation, any CA-Portal wrong installation, third-party design and/or coding, and fixing conflicts with third-party add-ons.