How to Get a Good Website for Lawyers

Good Lawyer Website

Lawyers are important independent pillars of democracy. A lawyer plays a pivotal role in ensuring justice for his/her clients. As a lawyer, there would always be an inherent desire inside you to reach out and help as many as you can with your expertise. An easy way for this is to have your own website. A website gives exponential reach to your visibility and expertise. read more

How Chartered Accountant Term Came Into Existence on 1st July

Chartered Accountant Term Existence

Chartered Accountants are the elites of the Finance World. The title attracts great respect and admiration. However, the title “Chartered” has its fair share of controversy. Used for labeling Royal Decree, the Indian Parliamentary of the early Independent era were not in favour of using the term. However, a few twists and turns in the way and the title was adopted by the parliament. In this blog we look back at the early days of the profession and how the term “Chartered” incorporated into mainstream finance. read more

Importance of Owning A Chartered Accountant Website

Chartered Accountant Website Importance

The Power of Internet is undebatable today. It has altered all spheres of our lives for good. A powerful online presence is a must for budding as well as established businesses alike. The newly introduced GST in India has made the role of Chartered Accountant ever more important. A direct impact of GST is in the number of registered taxpayers. It is claimed that the registered taxpayers are set to grow by many folds. This brings Chartered Accountants and Lawyers at the center of Indian Finance. read more

GSTR 3B Due Date For May 2018

GSTR 3B Due Dates 2018

GSTR-3B is a self-declaration form under GST. Unlike other GST forms, Taxpayers need not provide any invoice details while filing GSTR-3B returns. As per the GST Council’s decision, the GSTR-3B returns have to be filed till June 2018 via the GST Portal. GSTR-3b has to be filed by the 20th of the subsequent month. Delays or non-filing of GSTR-3B returns will attract a penalty. Taxpayers are not required to file the GSTR-3B forms manually. It is auto-filling by nature. Only sales and purchase values have to be provided by the taxpayer. The Tax Liabilities are before submission. GSTR 3B due dates are mentioned at the bottom while it must be filed every 20th of subsequent month. read more

What is The Role of Chartered Accountant in Nation’s Progress

Chartered Accountant in Nation's Progress

Chartered Accountancy not only deal with debit-credit of the accounts but they play a very important role at a big level in nation-building. CAs are foundation base of the economy and utilizing the financial expertise, the nation gets right direction in various financial and economy related measures to enhance the decaying Indian economy and enhance the economy along with industrial growth. read more

11 Great Reasons To Be A Professional Lawyer

Professional Lawyer

There are few careers that attract the trinity that governs human lives i.e power, money and fame. A career as a lawyer is one of the few that promises this trinity. However, the road to this zenith can only be paved with uncompromising commitment and persistence. A Professional Lawyer commands unprecedented respect and is revered by one and all in his immediate surroundings. read more

How Legal Audit Can Help Business Become More Effective

Legal Audit

Legal Audit: 

The ‘Legal Audit’ includes two words primarily such as LEGAL + AUDIT. So, these two words of Legal Audit have separated to understand the meaning for the business, Private Sectors, Individuals, Corporates and for all who want to know the true significance of the word to use in welfare.
Now, the Legal Audit is necessarily important and relevant for the overall growth and prosperity of the economy. The quality of the economic framework relies on the foundation and up to the grassroots, apart from other corresponded features regarding the economy, regardless of it is public or private division. read more

GSTR 9 Due Dates: Annual Return Filing Form For Taxpayers

GSTR-9 Due Dates

GSTR-9 returns filing form which is required to be filed annually by the regular taxpayers under the GST regime. It is further categorized in IGST, SGST, and CGST. Under the given columns, the taxpayers fill information regarding supplies done & received in a year separately. It is a consolidated form which comprises the details mentioned in the monthly/quarterly returns in a year. It is a complete form which entails details such as return for monthly/quarterly annually. read more

Steps For Foreign Students To Become Chartered Accountant

Foreign-Students For CA

Chartered Accountancy is one career that brings with itself unprecedented opportunity coupled with great prestige and financial rewards. The competition among aspirants is cut-throat. However, you can also earn the coveted degree from a foreign land. In this article, we discuss the Eligibility Criteria For Foreign Students To Become Chartered Accountant. As an overseas CA aspirant complete the below the basic steps for successfully applying for a CA training position. read more