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Know more about CA Portal

In the modern phase of professionalism, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries need to be updated with the outcome for the betterment of their business. Albeit, they are skilled enough in their field with an exceptional ability to solve the Accounting and Finance related objectives in a full-fledged manner.

With the promise of best and efficient, SAG Infotech which is leading tax solution provider in the field of taxation running from nearly 2 decades has maintained its credibility through its products, is ready to offer CA Portal, “A complete Business Solution for CA and CS professionals.” keeping its objective firm, the Portal offers all the GST relevant updated rules, circulars, and notification uninterruptedly and assists your knowledge base.It is a comprehensible platform for you to exhibit affiliate services and blog posts. The portal maintains a record of a firm and simultaneously notify your clients about your doings, achievements and all the updates you do with the portal. The company also offers superb and all-round Gen GST software for its clients to file and comply the business with the goods and service tax regime. Another product in the portfolio is Gen Genius which is a complete solution for the tax management of a company. Next is Gen Payroll which is a package for the human resource management to maintain the employee's database and payroll functionalities in order to optimize the overall productivity of an organization through manpower.

CA Portal facilitates you to choose a theme among the available hundreds of custom themes. With the customization option, you are free to beef up the accessibility and flexibility of the theme accordingly. This smart move necessitates in building a superior relationship with your clients. The CA portal also accommodates you in generating email account with your own domain. The templates are being for all the platforms i.e. Lawyers, CA and CS.

It renders some default tools as a gateway for the financial and accounting calculations. Due date reminder feature will always ready to inform about every due date on the website and also provide the latest news to keep professionals updated. The CA website is a prominent move of SAG Infotech in co-operating with our customers to furnish good services and support.