CA Theme 84: An Eye-Catching and Colorful CA Website Template

People consider the necessity for a Chartered accountant website. The main responsibility of a Chartered accountant website is to assist both individuals and businesses in paying their taxes. They acquire knowledge of tax law, tax compliance, and tax strategy. Any business owner or person can hire a tax expert for both long- and short-term tax optimization.

For your tax consultant business, CA Portal is a reputable source of Chartered Accountant Website Templates. The CA portal has access to a group of knowledgeable specialists with experience in successful designing, template creation, and other user interface-related elements.

Make Your CA Firm Website as per ICAI Guidelines in a Low Price

    The Chartered Accountant Theme 84  theme provides a blue and white colour background for the website. It provides the header where you can add the home, services, career, blog, contact us, etc elements. After the header, there is a banner in which you can add some information about your business services. Below the banner, the theme has an About Us section where you can add information about your company. The theme has three partitioned sections to represent the information of the vision, values, and mission that are provided after the about us section where you can add the details relevant to your concerned business. After that, a services information representation section is given by the theme where you can add the information of your business services that you want to deliver to your clients. Post-service section theme has given a “why us” section where you can add about your company’s work and its excellency along with that you should add integrity, the independence which represents the company’s devotion to its client’s work.

    After that, the theme has provided a section of the team in which you can add the names of your skilled team members or promoters of the company. A technology usage section has been given below the team section where you can add the updated technologies you use to furnish the services. After that, the client’s section is provided by the theme where you can show the feedback of your client. A notification section is been provided by the theme where you can add the daily updates, circulars, blogs, or due dates for the clients. After that, you can add contact us information on your website that the theme provides. At the footer of your website, you can add information like the direct links to the particular services you provide, address, and contact us details as provided by the theme.

    Theme Feature

    • Mobile-Friendly Layout
    • Google Language converter
    •  Online Chat (Live chat, Whatsapp chat)
    • Social Media Button
    • Visitors counter
    • Client Reviews and Testimonials
    • Enquiry form for Website
    • Google forms
    • Google Map on Website
    • Due Date Reminder
    • Fast and Reliable Hosting
    • Optimized Code for Speed Fast Loading
    • SEO Optimization

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