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People wonder whether a website for chartered accountants is necessary. A Chartered accountant website‘s primary duty is to support both individuals and corporations in paying their taxes. They learn about tax law, tax compliance, and tax planning. For both long- and short-term tax optimization, any business owner or individual can hire a tax professional.

CA Portal is a reliable supplier of custom chartered accountant website templates for your tax consultant firm. A team of competent experts with experience in effective designing, template construction, and other user interface-related features is available on the CA portal. To increase the customer base of your business you need to make your website properly to show all the related and needed information to the clients. The features of the services given by your firm must reflect all the crucial requirements of the customers. All the sections of the website should represent their importance so that the visitors find it effective for their wants and needs. The services given by you must follow the rules and regulations of the government and are mentioned under the law.

Make Your CA Firm Website as per ICAI Guidelines in a Low Price

    The chartered accountant theme 85 provides furnishes with a blue and white colour background for the website. It renders the header where you can add the home, services, career, blog, contact us, and other components. A slider banner is provided after the Header where you can add some information with pictures related to your company. After that, an about us section is been provided by the theme where you can add the details of your company. After that client acknowledgement figures and the company experience section are provided by the theme, which is fruitful for your company to draw the attention of the customers. After that, a service provider section has been given by the theme where you can represent the information about the service of your company that you provide to your clients.

    Theme 85 has three different sections to represent the information of the vision, values, and mission that are furnishing where you can add the details relevant to your business. A notification section is been give via theme in which you can represent the news, circulars, blogs, or due dates for the clients. After that, you can add details of the contact us on your website that the theme yields. At the footer of your website, you can add details such as direct links to the particular services you provide, address, and contact us details as provided by the theme.

    Theme Feature

    • Mobile-Friendly Layout
    • Google Language converter
    •  Online Chat (Live chat, Whatsapp chat)
    • Social Media Button
    • Visitors counter
    • Client Reviews and Testimonials
    • Enquiry form for Website
    • Google forms
    • Google Map on Website
    • Due Date Reminder
    • Fast and Reliable Hosting
    • Optimized Code for Speed Fast Loading
    • SEO Optimization

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