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Top 10 Rules For Accounting Firms to Not Just Build Clients But Also Relationships

The marketing landscape changes with ever-evolving technology. What works today may not necessarily work a few months from now.

Time and again, Chartered Accountant Firms have to face up the challenge of attracting new clients as well as retain old ones.

If you are the owner of a CA Firm and have been faced with the dilemma of attracting new clients while subsequently meeting the demands of existing clients, this blog is for you. read more

Now Even Non-graduated CAs Act As Registered Valuers

Non-Graduated Chartered Accountant

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) revised the rule in the regard that now non-graduate chartered accountants (CAs) who have three years of experience and is not yet graduate can now become the registered valuers.

Earlier, a CA who had three years of post-qualification experience and graduated could become the registered valuer. read more

How Chartered Accountant Helps Improving Business Growth

CA Improve Business Growth

Chartered accountants are very much intellectual due to which they always play an important role in bringing good business to the company. They are the professional who goes through the money related decisions and can also suggest or direct the firm towards a stable goal.

Chartered accountants take care of multiple aspects of business indirectly i.e. revenue and expenditures, taxation and regulation, legal and risk management, logistics and manufacturing, depreciation and cross-currency. All these aspects somehow create a balance between the profitability of a firm is managed accordingly. read more

CA & it’s Services: Multiple Responsibilities of Chartered Accountant

Responsibilities of Chartered Accountant

The Economy is changing at a rapid rate and with these changes, the responsibility of a Chartered accountant is also increasing to keep pace with the changing economy and imparting the roles and all the responsibility which comes along with it. Thus, the Accountancy profession is in Great demand. All the Organizations Big or small needs a good Accountant which could ensure them for profit earning. The change in Economy is also a challenge for the professional Chartered accountants as to keep the detailed knowledge of the changes occurring, their consequences and the measures which could be taken to overcome the difficulties which could come in the way as a result of the challenges. read more

5 Essential Qualities For Becoming A Better And Differentiated Chartered Accountant

Qualities of A Professional Chartered Accountant

Being a Professional Chartered Accountant in itself declares and unveils a good many years of hard work towards One goal. It requires a lot of discipline and hard work to become a Chartered account. After achieving this goal, we get a break from the study materials and tests, but now, it’s time to grow self-driven and self-oriented towards learning to explore the knowledge – world. read more

(Over) Flat 25% Discount On CA, CS & LAWYER Website with Complete Website Package

Discount Offers On CA , CS and Lawyer Website

With the Indian Festive Season around the corner, we at Sag Infotech are igniting the festive mood beforehand by offering 25% Flat Discount on Professional CA, CS & LAWYER websites. So if you are any one of those Professional CA, CS & LAWYER who has been long yearning for a professional website of your own, this Diwali you have the opportunity to welcome a new page in your career by owning your own website at the huge discount. This blog will take you through a tour of all the services on offer when the discount season kicks off on September 1st. read more

Impact of GST on Life Of Chartered Accountant

GST Impact On Chartered Accountant

Along with changes in the way business run in India, GST is also going to impact the life of the professional chartered accountant in a manner of some difficulties and convenience.

It will be favorable for our nation’s growth and prosperity. During this difficult phase of a lot of accounting work, they will learn a lot and get various new opportunities as well. It will also assist the professional accounting services and help India in the digital endeavor. read more

How To Attract Client Through Your Chartered Accountant Website

Attractive Chartered Accountant Website

Are you one of those CA’s who feels that they missed the internet wave or are you one of those who wants to take the entrepreneurial plunge. Now that you have acquired all the armory to succeed on your own accord then worry not… Internet was and remains a vast pool of opportunities for amateurs and experts alike. You can hire our CA website design services and choose from a wide option of Responsive Website templates that will cater to all your professional and business needs. In this blog, we go a step ahead and explain the next step in the tried and tested approach To Attract Client Through Your Chartered Accountant Website Blogging remains a major customer attractor for major web services and Chartered Accountant Website is not an exception to it. read more

Why You Need A Chartered Accountant While Setting Up A Business

Chartered Accountant Need For A Business

Starting a business is not a child’s play. It requires robust upfront planning coupled with accurate cost predictions. And it can take months before your business starts minting profits. Even if you think you have everything covered there are more than enough intangible parameters that could lead to major setbacks. Hence, before you take that startup or entrepreneurial plunge it is important that you have the following boxes ticked.. read more

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