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What is The Reason Behind CA Needing a Professional Website

CA Professional Website

In the current time, various business owners confused if they really require a website? The answer is Yes. several business owners seek that website is not required for various reasons but to present in the online platform is somewhere mandatory. An 11% growth rate is seen in the 1st quarter of 2014 said CMO. also he said that 72% of people seek to search online before going to the store.

Small Business Association justifies that small business from a website … Read More

Check Out Responsibilities of Chartered Accountant: CA & IT Services

Responsibilities of Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant is useful for growing the economy of the country. With deep knowledge in the stock market, Forex, law matters and finance taxation every chartered accountant have knowledge different from each other. They make every person in understanding the rules and guidelines. “CAs in India are technically far superior but accounting now is not just about technicality. It is also about identifying and solving problems. Clients look and value those CAs who can be trusted as advisors and … Read More

How Chartered Accountant Helps Improving Business Growth

CA Improve Business Growth

Chartered accountants are very much intellectual due to which they always play an important role in bringing good business to the company. We want to change the way the world looks at itself, we want to upgrade the traditional ways. The World is evolving around technology, and technology is upgrading the way of doing businesses and communication. Along with way, and need, expectations from professional services companies are also changing.

In the same View, the accountancy profession needs some major … Read More

What is The Role of Chartered Accountant in Nation’s Progress

Chartered Accountant in Nation's Progress

One who thinks that a Chartered Accountant in India seems to evaluate the debit and credit of the companies then the person is wrong. There are various operations that a CA has to operate and most of them were related to the country. CA plays a mandatory role in the development of the country. As one can know it by considering the crucial for growth. Chartered Accountancy not only deal with debit-credit of the accounts but they play a very … Read More

5 Essential Qualities For Becoming A Better And Differentiated Chartered Accountant

Qualities of A Professional Chartered Accountant

Professional Chartered Accountant play a vital and comprehensive role, they manage some of the most important activities there. They have big responsibilities and their minor mistakes can affect the complete business. Some small mistakes such as forgetting or adding an extra digit, bad calculation, misplacing a decimal, or any such error can have a significant impact on decisions of the organisation.

There is always a basis for measuring business decisions along with the financial health of an organization, which is … Read More

ICAI to SC: CA Exams Postponed To Be Now Held in November 2020

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has informed the Supreme Court that the exams for all the CA students for the session of May/July 2020 have been postponed to November 2020.

The institute was informed about the cancellation to the court during the hearing of the plea against the institute’s “Opt-Out Scheme”. The decision was taken by the institute amid the coronavirus pandemic. The institute will be scheduling the exams for the May 2020 and November 2020 sessions, … Read More

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