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ICAI Launch New Scheme Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) Portal

ICAI launched Self-Paced Module Test Portal

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has always engaged in innovation in accounting education. In a measure ICAI incorporated the Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) portal, made to ease a flexible and personalized approach to analyzing for desiring chartered accountants.

The initiative is under the ICAIs new scheme of education and training, which was started on 1st July 2023. The same guide has the motive to furnish insights into the SPMT portal, the registration process, and the important data that the candidates should learn. 

ICAI recently launched the Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) Portal, which provides new guidelines for candidates who have completed prescribed learning hours Read PDF

ICAI launched Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) Portal

ICAI’s Examination Department has made a noteworthy development by creating a Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) Portal. It is for the candidates who have finished the needed learning hours for the respective self-paced online modules. Such modules comprise of-

  • Module A: Corporate & Economic Laws
  • Module B: Strategic Cost and Performance Management

The preface of the SPMT Portal aligns with the objective of ICAI to provide a flexible, student-centric examination system. On the portal can get accessed.

Benefits of the Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) Portal

Below are the Self-Paced Module Test portal features-

  • Scheduling Flexibility: Candidates can select their preferred examination date, city, and exam slot from a wide range of options.
  • Computer-Based Testing: Exams are performed in a computer-based format at defined test centres.
  • Streamlined Registration: Through the use of the SSP login credentials candidates can register for the SPMT.

Self-Paced Module Test Registration Process 

The SPMT registration process is clear and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you navigate through it:

Step 1: Completion of Learning Hours

Ensure you have finished the specified learning hours for the respective Self-Paced Online Module via the ICAI Learning Management System (LMS) portal at

Step 2: Access the SPMT Portal

Go to and log in using your SSP credentials.

Step 3: Select Exam Details

Select your preferred examination date, city, and exam slot from the available options.

Step 4: Fee Payment

File the examination fee, which is:

  • India: Rs. 500
  • Nepal/Bhutan: Rs. 850
  • Abu Dhabi/Bahrain/Doha/Dubai/Muscat/Kuwait: USD 150

Step 5: Confirmation

You will obtain a confirmation of your registration, post-completion of the payment. You must be sure to save this confirmation for forthcoming reference. 

Choice of Self-Paced Online Modules for CA Candidates

For ICAI’s New Scheme of Education and Training the Self-Paced Online Modules are essential. Here’s why such modules are significant-

  • Final Examination eligibility: The candidates need to complete and pass these modules and have passed both the groups of the CA Intermediate Examination to be eligible for the CA Final Examination.
  • Enhanced Learning Flexibility: Candidates are permitted to learn at their speed through it, assuring a thorough understanding of complex subjects.

Breakdown of Self-Paced Online Modules 

Module A: Corporate & Economic Laws

  • It concentrates on the overall understanding of corporate laws and economic regulations.
  • Equips the candidates with the knowledge essential to navigate the statutory aspects of business operations.

Module B: Strategic Cost and Performance Management

  • It focuses on advanced cost management strategies and performance evaluation strategies.
  • To make strategic financial decisions and optimize organizational performance it enhances the candidates with the same.

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Self-Paced Module Test Portal Advantages

The SPMT portal proposes distinct advantages that are aligned with the commitment of the ICAI to furnish a contemporary and adaptable education system. Certain advantages are

  • Customizable Exam Schedules: The ease of opting for exam dates and slots assists the candidates in handling their time effectively and diminishes the complexity.
  • Convenient Registration and Payment Process: The ease of online registration along with the fee payment procedure secures time and diminishes the administrative loads.
  • Accessible Guidance Notes: On the portal detailed guidance notes are available furnishing the candidates with crucial data and assistance.

Steps To Prepare for the Self-Paced Module Test

A strategic approach is needed to prepare for SPMT. Below are the essential tips to assist you with

  • Thorough Study: Ensure you thoroughly study the content given in the Self-Paced Online Modules.
  • Time Management: Make a study schedule that authorizes you to cover all topics while also giving yourself enough time to rest.
  • Practice Tests: Use the practice tests and mock exams to familiarize yourself with the computer-based testing format.
  • Review Guidance Notes: Review the guidance notes available on the SPMT Portal to remain updated on any revisions or crucial details.

The ICAI examination department has launched the Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) Portal for the candidates, for more official information you can click on the link

FAQs on Self-Paced Module Test Portal 

Q.1 – Who is qualified to register for the Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT)?

Candidates who have finished the set learning hours for the respective Self-Paced Online Modules through the ICAI Learning Management System (LMS) are qualified to register for the SPMT.

Q.2 – In what way do I access the SPMT Portal for registration?

By visiting and logging in using your SSP credentials you can access the SPMT Portal.

Q.3 – What is the fee structure for taking the Self-Paced Module Test?

Rs. 500 for India, Rs. 850 for Nepal and Bhutan, and USD 150 for Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Dubai, Muscat, and Kuwait is the examination fee.

Q.4 – Can I choose my examination date and slot for the SPMT

Yes, the SPMT Portal authorizes candidates to choose their preferred examination date, city, and exam slot from a complete list of options.

Q.5 – Where do I encounter detailed guidance and support for the Self-Paced Module Test?

On the SPMT Portal at, detailed guidance notes and support information are available.

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