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GSTR 1 Due Dates January To March 2020 (Regular Taxpayers)

GSTR 1 Due Dates

The GSTR 1 form filing is a mandatory return form under GST.

Registered taxpayers with an annual turnover exceeding 1.5 crores need to file the GSTR 1 return on every 11th of next month (July 2018 to June 2019). Taxpayers need to furnish complete details of their outward supplies in the GSTR 1 form.

As per the latest update from the 39th GST council meeting, GSTR 1 form filing is now relaxed for the taxpayers who could not opt the composition scheme under the notification No. 2/2019-Central Tax (Rate) dated 07.03.2019 for the FY 2019 -20. Also, the council has extended the old filing system until September 2020 for the GSTR 1 taxpayers. official press release

As per the official statement, “In order to nudge taxpayers to timely file their statement of outward supplies, the imposition of restrictions on availing of the input tax credit by the recipients in cases where details of outward supplies are not furnished by the suppliers in the statement under section 37 of the CGST Act, 2017.”

As per many tax experts, this move will bring all the taxpayers into a necessity to file GSTR 1 form so that the government can make the entire filing process clearly.

Taxpayers Who Need Not File the GSTR 1

All registered taxpayers with an annual turnover greater than 1.5 crores must mandatory file GSTR-1. However, there are a few taxpayers who are not liable to do so.

These taxpayers include Composition Dealers, Non-resident Taxable Person, Input Service Distributors, Taxpayers liable to deduct TDS, Taxpayers liable to collect TCS, Suppliers of OIDAR (Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval), Compounding taxable person.

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GSTR 1 Due Dates Turnover up to INR 1.5 Crore

Period (Quarterly)Due Dates
January – March 202030th April 2020
October – December 201931st January 2020
July – September 201931st October 2019
April – June 201931st July 2019
January – March 201930th April 2019

GSTR 1 Due Dates Turnover More Than INR 1.5 Crore

Period (Monthly)Due Dates
March 2020 202011th April 2020
February 202011th March 2020
January 202011th February 2020
December 201911th January 2020
November 201911th December 2019
October 201911th November 2019
September 201911th October 2019
August 201911th September 2019
July 201911th August 2019
June 201911th July 2019
May 201911th June 2019
April 201911th May 2019

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Update Notes :

  • “Seeks to prescribe the due date for furnishing FORM GSTR-1 for the quarters April, 2020 to June, 2020 and July, 2020 to September, 2020 for registered persons having aggregate turnover of up to 1.5 crore rupees in the preceding financial year or the current financial year.” Read Notification
  • “Seeks to prescribe the due date for furnishing FORM GSTR-1 by such class of registered persons having aggregate turnover of more than 1.5 crore rupees in the preceding financial year or the current financial year, for each of the months from April,2020 to September, 2020” Read Notification
  • FORM GSTR-1 furnishing requirement for 2019-20 to be relaxed for taxpayers who could not opt for taking the option of special composition scheme under notification No. 2/2019-Central Tax (Rate) dated 07.03.2019 by filing FORM CMP-02. Extension of due dates for FORM GSTR-1 for the July 2019 to January 2020 month till 24th March 2020 for registered persons having designated place of business in the Union territory of Ladakh.
  • GSTR 1 due dates has been extended for the Union territory of Ladakh for the month of July, 2019 to January, 2020 till 24th March, 2020
  • Waivering of late fee in case of GSTR-1 for the period of months/quarters July 2017 to November 2019, furnished after extended 17th January, 2020 however before 31st March 2019. Read Official Press Release and Official Notification
  • The Due date extension for return furnishing of FORM GSTR-1 for registered persons in Jammu and Kashmir having aggregate turnover more than 1.5 crore rupees for the months of October 2019 is 20th December 2019. Read Official Press Release
  • Due date extension for return furnishing in FORM GSTR-1 for registered persons in Jammu and Kashmir having average turnover of 1.5 crore rupees or more for the months of July 2019 to September 2019 till 20th December 2019. Read Official Press Release
  • Due date extended for newly migrated taxpayers furnishing GSTR-1 for the time period of quarterly July 2017 to December 2018 respectively till 31st March 2019
  • Committee of Officers suspended filing of GSTR-2 and GSTR-3, and will resume after 30th June 2018. Detailed time period schedule shall be updated respectively. Upcoming months of filing for GSTR-1 and GSTR 3B to be filed for 6 months additionally as announced by GST council meeting.

43 Replies to “GSTR 1 Due Dates January To March 2020 (Regular Taxpayers)”

  1. S K Distribution
    March 21, 2020

    I have filed GSTR 3B on December 2018. Then I have not file any return I do not have any business till date… I purchased goods over 3Lac with 18% GST (9+9) but it was not sold. I have to return the stock. I need to clears all my returns by 31st March’2020. How much penalty I have to pay for Nil Return. and clear all my dues.

    • CA Portal
      March 26, 2020

      For Nil Return Rs 20 Per day and for other than Nil Return Rs 50 Per day

  2. Tarun garg
    January 31, 2020

    iwant to know the late fees of GSTR 1for Q2 (SEP19-DEC19)

    • CA Portal
      February 3, 2020

      If you have nil return then late fees would be Rs 20/day otherwise Rs 50/day

  3. sir mera turn over 30lakh lekin maine gstr1 me quterly select nahi kiya or humne quterly gstr1 submit kar diya hai to sir ab kaya hoga plz help me

    • CA Portal
      January 23, 2020

      As you didn’t select quarterly return option so you have to file GSTR 1 on monthly basis.

  4. Ajay Dhurvanshi
    January 20, 2020

    Dear Sir,
    I have not done any business in december 2019 month and I have filled Nill return for GSTR-3B & also my turnover is not upto 1.5 CR as I am new in bussiness. So, I wanted to understand in this case whether I have file return for GSTR-1 or not? If yes, then how ?

    • CA Portal
      January 21, 2020

      Every taxpayer has to file GSTR-1 even if he has no business activity during the period, i.e. no sales in a month/quarter. So, you have to file a Nil GSTR-1.

  5. gst ri april month april 2019 ki fill ni h
    late fee kaise calculale hogi

    • CA Portal
      January 20, 2020

      If you have filed your GSTR-1 for the month of April 2019 till 17th January 2020 then there will be no late fees but
      If you have not filed your return till 17th January then late fees will be applicable Rs 20/day(If NIL Return) and Rs 50/day(If tax liability) is there.

    January 10, 2020


    • CA Portal
      January 13, 2020

      Late Fee for CMP-08 will be Rs 50/day, i.e., Rs 25/day CSGT and Rs 25/day IGST in case of any tax liability. On the other hand, if there is a NIL tax liability, then the late fee will get reduced to Rs 20/day, i.e., Rs 10/day CSGT and Rs 10/day IGST subject to maximum of Rs 5000 starting from the due date to the actual date of return filing by the taxpayer.

    January 6, 2020


  8. Koshti Dhaval Umeshbhai
    January 4, 2020

    please guide me gstr1 details

  9. priyanka jindal
    January 2, 2020

    GSTR1 for december 2019 filed after 11 january 2020, then penalty will levy or not??

    • CA Portal
      January 7, 2020

      Rs 25 per day for nil return and Rs 50 per day for taxable supply.

    September 20, 2019

    Dear Sir
    If GSTR 1 for the month of Aug 2019 is submitted on 11.09.2019

    and but forgot to file return.Later on 19th september we found and then we filed.. How much the fine we have to pay

    • CA Portal
      September 20, 2019

      Late fee in case of NIL returns is Rs. 20/- per day. in any other case, it is Rs. 50 per day.

    July 27, 2019


    • CA Portal
      July 29, 2019

      Sir, the composition scheme of filing has been extended up to 31 August 2019. GSTR 1 April to June 2019 no information related extended notification in this CBIC.

    June 20, 2019

    what is the due dates of GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B if option opted return filled on Quarterly basis. means Turnover is below 1.5 so option opted quarterly basis.

    Due Dates of Both Returns ????

    • CA Portal
      June 20, 2019

      For the turnover filing of INR 1.5 Crore, the last date for filing GSTR 1 for the April – June 2019 is 31 July 2019. The 20th June 2019 is the last due date for Filing GSTR 3B Return for june 2019.

  13. sumit Birajdar
    June 10, 2019

    Dear Team,
    Please confirm that the due date for monthly GSTR1 is extended upto 13th June?

    • CA Portal
      June 12, 2019

      The GST Calendar of Return Filing Due Dates for GSTR1 June 2019 no update to extended by CBIC.

  14. Can We file GSTR 3B without filing GSTR 1 for a particular month?

  15. navneet yadav
    December 22, 2018

    Last date for GSTR 1 December 2018?

    • CA Portal
      December 24, 2018

      Last due date for GSTR 1 December 2018 (Turnover More than 1.5 Crore) is 11th January 2019.

  16. November month GSTR-1 If not filed means penalty will be raised or not..??

    • CA Portal
      December 12, 2018

      If you did not file your GSTR 1 return for previous months then your penalty will be raised.

    December 9, 2018

    Sir, can we modify the purchase details in GSTR-2 of July 2017 to October 2018.

    • CA Portal
      December 10, 2018

      No, You cannot modify the purchase details in GSTR-2 of July 2017 to October 2018.

  18. 1. If I want to change from quarterly GSTR-1 to monthly is it possible.
    2. Can I get credit even if my client file return in jan’19 for the period July’17.

    • CA Portal
      November 27, 2018

      In mid of month, you cannot opt from quarterly to monthly. It is possible only in starting of the financial year or till you haven’t filed any single return for that year.

      Yes, you can claim.

  19. 1) Those who had already paid fees for late filing of GSTR 1 before this notification for above period will get the refund
    2) When to pay fees for the quarter October-December 2018 for late filing of GSTR 1

  20. CA Sumit Jalan
    August 4, 2018

    Could you please quote me the notification/circular/order issued by CBIC based on which you mentioned that the due date of FORM GSTR-3B for July, 2018 to be 20 August, 2018? Thanks in advance.

    • CA Portal
      August 9, 2018

      Check here the latest circular and GSTR 3b due dates issued by the commissioner of GST in order to revise due date of GSTR 3B for July on 20th August 2018

    July 7, 2018

    I need to update the whole returns in GST indirect taxation with due date, interest,penalty and new provision which will be updated by Indian indirect taxation systems.

    • CA Portal
      July 10, 2018

      Please clarify your question as to whether you want to file returns or pay taxes.

    June 9, 2018

    I want to need update information about gst returns.

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