GSTR 9A Annual Form Filing Due Date For FY 2017-18 (Composition Taxpayers)

gstr 9A form filing Due date

GSTR 9A is an annual return form for the composition scheme dealers in which they have to file all the tax return details of the whole year. The GSTR 9A form includes all the consolidated information regarding CGST, SGST and IGST paid during the financial year.

Here, we will describe the complete details of GSTR 9A form under GST which is for composition scheme dealers and its rules/eligibility. We request you to connect with us in the comment section and … Read More

Lawyers, Advocates and Legal Advisers Liability Under Reverse charges Mechanism GST

Lawyers Advocates and Legal Advisers Liability Mechanism

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India offers a more comprehensive and more formalized indirect tax structure without the cascading effects of the erstwhile VAT regime. The GST categorizes supply of goods and services under four tax slabs 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. In technical terms, GST is a multi-stage destination-based tax that is levied on every stage of value addition. The GST was touted as a major reform towards formalization of the unorganized sector as well as making … Read More

Income Tax Return : Due Dates, Types & Penalties (FY 2018-19 AY 2019-20)

What is Income Tax?

Tax is a pivotal arm for good governance of a state or nation.

There are different types of taxes and they can all be categorized into two main groups i.e Direct tax and Indirect Tax.

A direct tax is levied on the income or profit of an individual. Income tax is an example of direct tax. Indirect tax is levied on goods and services.

Income tax due dates comes every year in March ending must be … Read More

CA & it’s Services: Multiple Responsibilities of Chartered Accountant

Responsibilities of Chartered Accountant

The Economy is changing at a rapid rate and with these changes, the responsibility of a Chartered accountant is also increasing to keep pace with the changing economy and imparting the roles and all the responsibility which comes along with it. Thus, the Accountancy profession is in Great demand. All the Organizations Big or small needs a good Accountant which could ensure them for profit earning. The change in Economy is also a challenge for the professional Chartered accountants as … Read More

GSTR 9 Annual Return Filing Due Date (Regular Taxpayers)

GSTR-9 Due Dates

GSTR 9 is an annual return form for all the regular taxpayers under GST, in which all the consolidated details are to be filed relevant to SGST, CGST and IGST transaction of the whole year. CA Portal provides all the specific details of GSTR 9 annual return form for the regular taxpayer in this article.

Here find all the details based on the annual return form for the regular taxpayers i.e. GSTR 9 with filing procedure, format, eligibility & rules. … Read More

GSTR 6 Form Filing Due Date For March 2019

GSTR 6 Form Filing Due Date

GSTR-6 is a return form for all the input service distributors registered under GST. Every ISD is required to file invoices information at GSTN portal.

As filing of GSTR-6 occurs after modifying, correcting, removing and adding information under GSTR-6A, most of the information is auto-populated in GSTR-6 from GSTR-6A.

Who Should File GSTR 6?

GSTR 6, a monthly return form, is filed by an Input Service Distributor. Input Service Distributors need to fill all details related to ITC received and … Read More