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GSTR 4 Filing Due Date For October to December 2018 (Composition Dealers)

GSTR 4 Due Date Form

The GSTR 4 Due Date comes on every quarter for composition scheme dealers which is a return filing form under the GST Composition scheme of goods and services (GST) scheme. Under the GST composition scheme, taxpayers are required to file only one return in every three months (quarter) rather than three returns in every month. There is certain eligibility for a composition including that the taxpayers whose annual turnover is less than or up to Rs 1.5 crore in a financial year (turnover for special category States, except Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand, the limit is now increased to Rs 75 Lacs. While the turnover threshold for Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand will be Rs 1 crore must register under the GST composition scheme. The small traders should fill up GST CMP-01 form to accept the scheme. It is suggested that the taxpayers must not miss filing the return on every upcoming GSTR 4 Due Dates quarterly.

The information details in GSTR 4 due dates form should be filled in between 11th and 18th of the month following the quarter of the relevant tax period. These categories of taxpayers are not liable to file GSTR 4 including, Non-resident Taxable Person, Taxpayers liable to collect TCS, Input Service Distributors, Taxpayers liable to deduct (TDS), Composition Dealers, Compounding taxable person, Suppliers of OIDAR (Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval).

Points of GSTR 4 Return Filing

GSTR 4 Due Date For October to December 2018

Period (Quarterly) Due Dates (Composition Dealers)
July To September 2018 18th October 2018
October to December 2018 18th January 2019

GSTR 4 return filing form is partition into 13 modules but it is not necessary to fill all these modules. The asseesses can go through all the form relevant details here in the article.

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46 Replies to “GSTR 4 Filing Due Date For October to December 2018 (Composition Dealers)”

  1. I have purchased 14 lakh rs or I have sale 950000 rs my GST no was issue on Oct. My total sales or purchase are for six months July to Dec so which amount I have to pay for tax under composition scheme

  2. I will be submitted GSTR 4 with the reverse charge of purchase- so total GST is charged Rs.60000/- but sir MY business is Medical Stores So I have purchase GST paid Bills. But I have filled wrongly GSTR 4 . so please send the solution.

      1. GSTR 4 return filled in between 11th and 18th of the month. So GSTR 4 October to December 2018 return filing due date is 18th January 2019.

  3. Hello Sir

    i am under 20 lakh turnover but we migrated number in to gst regular type number and i only gstr 3b july 17 file but today i want to do application into composition scheme can do ? and previous return how to do maintain suggests me.

    1. Till the month in which you opt for composition you have to file all the due returns and from the beginning of next month from applying for composition, you have to be treated as composition dealer.

      1. sir,
        after entering purchase details(Reverse Charge – NO) , when i click GET SUMMARY Button it is shown in Grand Total Rs.XXXX(Tax Amount in Purchase+Tax Amount in Turnover i.e.,1% ) shall we need to pay tax amount Rs.XXXX (Including Tax in Purchases also ) Sir?

        1. Only purchases covered under RCM, being eligible for payment of tax by composition taxpayer, tax on normal purchases need not to be paid.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Composition Scheme me rahne wale dealer ko 01.01.2018 to 31.03.2018 ki tremahi me purchase bill detail deni hai ya nahi.??

  5. HI Sir,
    I just want to know that should we have to put all details of purchase from July to march in the GSTr-4 or only shown purchase from january to march?
    there is a lot of confusion ..

  6. Dear sir..
    I m composite delear and I want fill quarterly return jan to march if i miss 18th april what am i do ans plz

  7. In quarter 4 F.Y 2017-18 , We have not entered purchase detail GSTR 4 , its problem for us in future , explain sir.

  8. My supplier generated one credit note for 03 items returned by me during 4th Qtr but there are 03 different involces(post GST)for the 03 items returned. While filling sheet 5B(CDNR) of GSTR_4 I have to repeat same credit note to fill relevant Invoices. But the system shows error saying note already exists in the FY.
    All the items(seeds)returned are exempted from GST.In the above case I have left the sheet 5B (CDNR) blank. May it attract any problem in future. I have filed the return (4th Qtr) as well paid the tax amount.

  9. Sir,
    On the GST portal I have watched continue my return period file is showing October to December but suddenly on GST portal I have watched to submit July to September file return and I have submitted nil return on the same time. so why did they deduct 440 late fees for July to September? I have got my GSTIN registration number on 7th September but on GST portal my return period file is continue showing October to December. In that case how can I submitted my GSTR4 return for July to September within 24 December?
    Till now the late fees is not refunded.

    1. As you have registered on 7th of September so liability to file quarterly return related to July-Sep return arise on you and as you file the return after due date that’s why late fees has been imposed, and if there any technical issue relating to your return period not showing on portal, you have to contact to GSTN.

  10. Dear Sir,
    I want have cloth shop under composition act registration
    but now I want to start online business like amazon
    so I want to opt out from composition so how can I maintain input GST credit after opt out from composition registration April-2018

    1. Facility to opt out from composition can be opted at the beginning of the financial year only. Credit of input can be claimed for the stock in hand as on the last date of the financial year.

  11. Hello sir, I ask to GST help desk to can we have to file purchase details on GSTR 4 for 1st quarter 2018 ? They said it’s not necessary. What you say ?

  12. How to use my itc of GST , when I optin composition scheme dates 1.10.2017. July to Sept, 2017 I am regular taxpayer and I have ITC .

    1. As you are regd. under composition scheme, you are not allowed to avail ITC , and at the time of transition from regular to composition , assesee need to pay sum equal to stand as itc in stock.

  13. Dear sir when I filed GSTR 4 Nil return July to September
    then show Error (You have no cash balance) why bcoz I’m already filing Nil return so way shows this SMS.

  14. sir,
    How I file July 18 to September 18 return. which figure enter the only sale and purchase both details fill in this return so, please tell me how can I file.

    1. For filing sale details you need to enter consolidated turnover in
      taxable supplies tab in relevant percentage applicable on you and to
      fill the purchase details you need to enter the details in relevant
      sections i.e. B2B, B2BUR, IMPS, IMPG etc. as per category of purchase
      you deal in.

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