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ICAI Opened the Correction Window Date for May/June 2024

CA Exams Correction Window

The ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) has started the correction procedure for ICAI CA Exam Form correction window forms for the May-June 2024 exams beginning March 3, 2024. If you’ve applied for these exams and ought to alter your application, you can effortlessly do it by visiting the official website before the due date of March 9, 2024.

On, the link for application corrections is accessible or you can utilize the furnished link here to make the essential changes.

CA Exam Form Correction Window 2024

Prospective Chartered Accountancy (CA) candidates are recommended to be careful when furnishing details on their exam forms. When the error is being recognized after submitting the form then the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) permits the candidates to fix the same at the time of the CA exam form correction window. It’s significant to note that changes are typically restricted to:

  • Selected city
  • Chosen group
  • Preferred medium
  • Syllabus selection

Alterations incurred at the time of the window do not make the other charges or consequence in a refund of the exam fees paid previously. Since the May 2015 attempt the correction window has been available for candidates at all levels, including Foundation, Intermediate, and Final stages.

CA Exam Form Correction Window 2024 Date

See the dates for the CA Exam Form correction window for the May/June 2024 session in the table below:

Event Date 
CA Exam Form Correction Window Open03 March 2024
CA Exam Form Correction Window Closed09 March 2024

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CA Exam Form Correction 2024 Steps

Applicants are prompted to regard the time spent when revising their application forms. Below mentioned are the step-by-step guidelines for CA Exam Form Correction.

Step 1: Log in to your student account

Go to the ICAI Exam Portal at Access your account using your registration number and password.

Step 2: Access the correction window

On the dashboard, tap on the link that says “tap here for corrections in ICAI application.” Fill in the required details, such as Barcode Number (for Physical Submitted Exam Form) or Control Number (for Online Submitted Exam Form), Roll Number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and the Security Code shown on the screen.

Step 3: Verify the fields

Candidates can edit, modify, or delete details in the application form. Verify details like Examination, Barcode/Control Number, Registration Number, Name, Group Applied, Medium Opted, Region of Examination Centre, Exam Centre, ICAI Examination Centre Code, and CA Exams Centre Zone. If everything is correct, click on “No change required.” If modifications are required due to errors, tap on “Changes required.”

Step 4: Correct errors

Candidates are enabled to do the revisions in three fields: Medium Preferred (choose between Hindi or English), Exam Center (opt for a different city or zone), and Group (select from first/second group to both groups or vice versa). Also, candidates can modify their syllabus from old to new if they have converted from the old scheme to the new one.

Step 5: Cross-check fields

Examine the revised fields in the preview section. Corrections shall be shown in red. After cross-checking, enter the one-time password (OTP) obtained on your registered mobile number and email ID after tapping on the final submit.

Step 6: Submit a handwritten application

Upload a scanned image of a handwritten application, written in running handwriting (not all CAPS) and signed through the candidate. The scanned image must be in jpg format and not exceed 200KB. If the exam is in Hindi, the application must be in Hindi; otherwise, it should be in English. Include the Roll Number, Name, Registration Number, and Month/Year of Exam, and sign the document before scanning.

Note: Revisions are assessed on the grounds of the portal submission, not the content of the scanned application.

Step 7: Finally submit the application form

Post final submission, take a printout of the correction slip by tapping on ‘click here to print page.’ Remark that modifications could not be incurred once the final submission is completed. ICAI no longer provides Correction Window-II with fees; candidates can correct their original exams only once without any payment.

CA Exam Form Correction Significant Points

  • Accessing the same service is just via the online platform. Manual proposals for modifying exam Center/Group/Medium will not be regarded. To make any corrections or modifications, submission of an online application is mandatory.
  • Only to candidates, this digital option is accessible who submitted their exam application forms online. It’s significant to cite that the same service could not be used for initiating a new application; it is only for rectifications.
  • On approval candidates, can verify the status of their request for a modification in Centre/Group/Medium through their Admit Cards.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) For CA Exam Form Correction Window

Q.1 – What does the CA Exam Form Correction Window signify?

It’s a fixed period for candidates to amend the errors in their exam forms, along with the city, group, medium, and syllabus.

Q.2 – Can the CA Exam Form revise the incur Additional Charges?

No, revisions incurred at the time of the correction window are free of cost.

Q.3 – When is the CA Exam Form Correction Window for May/June 2024?

On March 3, 2024, it opens and closes on March 9, 2024

Q.4 – What information could be altered at the time of the CA Exam Form correction procedure?

You can revise the selected city, chosen group, preferred medium, and syllabus selection.

Q.5 – Is there a 2nd chance for CA Exam Form corrections after the final submission?

No, ICAI no longer offers Correction Window-II with fees; corrections can be done just once without payment.

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