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GSTR 10 Return Filing Due Date for Taxpayer

GSTR 10 due date

This GSTR 10 guide will tell you everything there is to know about the Final GST return, including the form structure, how and when to file it, penalties, etc. GSTR 10 is the final return which is required to be filed by every taxpayer who has opted for cancellation of their GST registration.

What is GSTR 10?

GSTR 10 is different from the Annual GST Return. It is filed only one time and as the last GST return. Any registered taxpayer who opts to cancel their GST registration needs to file this return within three months from the cancellation date or the date on which the cancellation order was passed.

When to file Form GSTR-10?

The GSTR-10 is needed to be filed online, via the GSTN website, within 3 months from the cancellation date or the date on which the cancellation order was passed, whichever is later.

For instance, if a company decides to cancel their GST registration, for any reason, on 1st September 2018, they will have to their GSTR-10 by 1st December 2018.

GSTR 10 Due Date

The GSTR-10 is 3 months of the registration cancellation date or order cancellation date, whichever comes late

What is the Penalty for not Filing GSTR-10?

The final GST return, GSTR 10, must be filed within three months from the cancellation date. If a taxpayer has got the cancellation order but fails to file the return within the given time frame, he/she will receive a notice granting 15 days additional time to file the return and submit all the required documents. If they fail to submit their final return even after 15 days period or provide any response to the notice, then the respective tax officer will release a final notice of cancellation providing details of due GST payable along with penalty/fee/interest amount if any.

In order to avoid paying penalty or interest, it is recommended for all taxpayers who have cancelled their GST registrations to file their GSTR-10 returns within the due date.

Latest Update: “Seeks to grant waiver/reduction in late fee for not furnishing FORM GSTR-10, subject to the condition that the returns are filled between 22.09.2020 to 31.12.2020”. Read Notification

What Details are Included in GSTR-10?

GSTR-10 is similar to a standard GST return. It will include details of the taxpayer’s business, cancellation date & order, tax liability, etc.

The following details must be provided in GSTR-10:

1. GSTIN of the taxpayer :  This is the GST Identification Number of a registered taxpayer or business.

 2. Legal Name of the person who has applied for cancellation

3. Business Name for which registration is cancelled.

4. Address: Official registered address of the business entity.

5. Application Registration Number of GST registration surrender application

Application Registration Number or ARN as mentioned on the cancellation order passed by higher authorities.

6. Effective Date of GST registration surrender/cancellation (DD/MM/YYYY)

Enter the date of cancellation of registration, as mentioned in the said order, in the prescribed format.

7. If GST cancellation order has been passed

Mention whether the taxpayer has received the GST cancellation order or not.

8. Unique ID of the cancellation order

If the cancellation order has already been passed, mention here the unique order ID.

9. Date of Cancellation Order (DD/MM/YYYY)

Mention here the date on which the cancellation order was issued, in the prescribed format.

10. Closing Stock held on the date of surrender or cancellation

Here, the taxpayer is required to provide details of their closing stock at the time of GST cancellation, including the credit details, inputs, etc.

  • Inputs as such
  • Inputs in semi-finished goods
  • Inputs in finished goods
  • Input services
  • Capital goods

10A. Amount of tax payable on closing stock

This will include the credit and GST amount to be paid at the time of closing. It will auto-populate based on the details furnished in the above columns.


The taxpayer is required to provide a digital signature at the end of the document verifying all the information provided by them in the GSTR-10 return.

GST Filing Form

4 Replies to “GSTR 10 Return Filing Due Date for Taxpayer”

  1. if cancellation order is passed by the department on the clients request and the client did not file final return in the stipulated time as he was suppose to still file both the annual returns , will still the late fees be applicable

    • CA Portal
      August 11, 2020

      Until and unless GST Registeration is not cancelled by the department you have to follow the rules and regulations and late fees will be applicable if you fail to comply with the same.

  2. my clint has not file 3b and r1 from 01.04.2019 till today. however he has sale purachse of goods till 31st july 2019. on 12th nov 2019 officer issued the cancellation order of gst effective from 31.03.2019. i want to file final return but i dont know how to deal with the sale purchase made upto july 2019. system is also not showing year 2019-20 in dasboard

    • CA Portal
      January 7, 2020

      You have to file GSTR 10 as the final return( ITC claim settlement). For further information please contact GST practioner or practicing chartered accountant.

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