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Guide to Requirements for Applying to CA Exams in 2024

Applying for CA Exams

Becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) is an esteemed and fulfilling career path, albeit a challenging one. To attain the coveted CA designation, aspiring individuals must successfully navigate a rigorous series of examinations administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). These examinations occur twice a year, typically in May and November, serving as the gateway to the CA profession. If you are planning to sit for the November or December CA exams, it is essential to comprehend the prerequisites and steps involved in the application process. In this guide, we will outline the key requirements for applying to these exams.

For the November and December 2023 CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final examinations, ICAI has published the eligibility criteria.

Those aspiring to take these exams in November or December 2023 should ensure their eligibility status through the Self-Service Portal (SSP). This verification step is crucial in confirming that they meet all the requirements before proceeding to conveniently complete the exam forms within SSP.

Applicants Must Meet the Following Criteria

Before commencing the application process, it’s imperative to confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the ICAI. These criteria for the CA exams are detailed below:

  • Foundation Course: Students who have enrolled in the CA Foundation course are eligible to sit for the Foundation examination, provided they have fulfilled a four-month study period from their date of registration.
  • Intermediate (IPC) Course: Candidates who have either completed the CA Foundation course or have passed the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) are eligible to apply for the Integrated Professional Competence (IPC) examination.
  • Final Course: Individuals who have successfully passed the IPC examination and completed the requisite articled training period are eligible to pursue the CA Final exam.

Membership in the ICAI is Required

To participate in the November or December CA exams, it is imperative to be officially enrolled with the ICAI. If you haven’t completed the registration process yet, you’ll need to initiate the registration procedure.

Here are the essential steps for becoming a registered CA student:

  • Visit the official ICAI website ( and establish a student account.
  • Complete the registration by remitting the necessary registration fee and providing the requisite documents.
  • Upon successful registration, you will be issued a student registration number, a vital component for your exam application

Application for Examination

After ensuring your eligibility and successful registration with the ICAI, you can move on to the examination application process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply:

Access the ICAI exam portal (

  • Sign in using your student registration number and password.
  • Choose the examination you intend to take, which will typically be the November or December CA exams.
  • Complete the examination application form, supplying precise personal and academic details.
  • Utilize the provided online payment methods to remit the examination fee.
  • Before submission, meticulously review the form to confirm its accuracy and completeness.

You are required to validate the following things before filing the exam form

  • Candidates are obligated to keep valid login credentials on SSP. If not, please proceed to to create the login.
  • Candidates are directed to have valid course registrations. For the case of expired course registration, please ensure to revalidate/convert on SSP.

Revalidation: Registration for the Final course remains valid for 5 years, Intermediate for 4 years, and Foundation Course for 3 years. To extend this validity after the specified period, students must revalidate their registration through the Self-Service Portal by paying the respective fees of INR 500, 400, or 300.

To Revalidate, use your login credentials of SSP and Go to Student Functions–> Student Module–> Course Registration–> Revalidation

Conversion: If your course code on your dashboard does not align with the new course, you must undertake the conversion process before applying for the November 2023 session. There are no fees associated with this conversion.


Intermediate: NEWINT or CONINT


Before filling out the exam form, candidates who do not have their most recent image and signature accessible or whose signatures do not meet the quality requirements to be printed on score sheets must upload or update them on the Self-Service Portal. The photo and signatures must meet the specifications listed in this announcement’s “Photo Requirements” and “Signature Requirements.”

Candidates whose articleship status (final/Intermediate Direct Entry ) is in pending mode other than Registered (Registered_inactive, Requested, Terminated, Requested for Termination, Approved by Member, Submitted, Asked for Correction, Saved, On Hold, Awaiting Competent Authority Approval, Rejected, Rejected by Member, Rejected by RO) for want of documentation are required to get their Articleship Training Deed status updated on SSP as ‘Registered’).

For Articleship Status, you can use your login credentials of SSP and Go to Article Functions→ Articleship/Audit–> Articleship–> Articleship Application (Form 102/103). Contact me at e-mail ids/phone nos. at for any queries.

Intermediate candidates must confirm that they are registered for the specific group(s) they plan to attempt in the examination. You can verify your group-wise registration information within your SSP login.

If, for Intermediate candidates, their Registration Mode/Intermediate Flag (i.e., the pathway through which they registered for the Intermediate course, such as CPT/Foundation/Graduation/Post Graduation/The Institute Of Company Secretary Of India/Intermediate Examination Of The Institute Of Cost Accountants Of India, etc.) is either not visible or inaccurately displayed on their Student function dashboard, it is essential to create a support ticket in SSP to rectify this issue. This update should be addressed before the commencement of the examination application. Please note that for Intermediate candidates, updating the Intermediate Flag/Registration Mode is a mandatory requirement in SSP.

For any other necessary corrections, please raise a support ticket in SSP or contact us via email at [provide email address].

  • Foundation: foundation_
  • Intermediate:
  • Final:

Realted ICAI Guideline for Centres & Candidates for CA Exams

Needs of Photo in Forum

The photograph requirement is-

  • The photo should be coloured or black/white with 80% face (without face mask) visible including ears against a white background.
  • Must have a clear contrast of the image.
  • Do not wear goggles and caps while taking the photo. However, they can wear spectacles.
  • The background of the photograph must be white and must be visible.
  • A straight-looking relaxed face should be there
  • If flash is used while taking the picture then make sure that there is no “red-eye”
  • No caps or goggles are allowed, however, religious headwear is allowed but it should not cover the face.
  • No selfies are allowed
  • The photograph be scanned as jpg/jpeg having size 20-50 KB
  • The scanned Photo should be well cropped so that there are no extra/white spaces and the image is stored as jpg/jpeg
  • Take care that the photo as described above fits in the size 4.5 cm by 3.5cm

Requirements of Signature 

The needs for the scanned signature shall be:

  • The signature must be accomplished on a white sheet via a black pen.
  • The file size of the image should be between 10-20 KB (clearly visible)
  • The scanned signature must be cropped effectively so that there are no extra/white spaces and the image is stored as jpg/jpeg
  • Ensure that the signature as depicted above fits in the size 6 cm by 2cm

The ICAI has also integrated eligibility criteria for exam registration, and candidates are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review the related document, which can be found here.

Important Dates in the Examination

ICAI provides a comprehensive examination schedule well in advance, encompassing the commencement and closure dates for exam applications. It is imperative to closely monitor these dates and strictly adhere to them. Missing the application deadline may lead to additional fees or, in certain instances, exclusion from the examination.

Admission Card For Examination

Upon the submission of your examination form and the associated fee, ICAI will issue your admission card. This vital document contains crucial information, including your examination centre, roll number, and examination guidelines. It is your responsibility to download and print the admission card from the ICAI website.

Preparation for Exams

Preparing for CA exams is an extensive endeavour, often involving months of focused study. Ensure you have the requisite study materials and resources, and adhere to a structured study plan to enhance your chances of success.

CA Examination

hen the examination dates approach, ensure you arrive at the examination centre well in advance. Don’t forget to bring your admit card, a valid ID, and any other necessary documents. Be ready for a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Review the results

ICAI typically releases the CA exam results a few months following the examinations. You can access your results on the ICAI website or opt to receive them via email or SMS if you have registered for those services.

In conclusion, applying for the November or December CA exams necessitates a clear understanding of the eligibility criteria and the application process. By confirming your eligibility, registering with the ICAI, submitting your examination form on time, and preparing adequately for the exams, you can pave the way for a successful career as a Chartered Accountant. Always keep in mind that dedication, hard work, and effective planning are crucial elements in reaching your CA aspirations. Best of luck on your journey toward becoming a Chartered Accountant!

The ICAI has incorporated the eligibility criteria for exam registration as well. Read more official announcements for Click here.

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