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GSTR 6 Form Filing Due Date For October 2019

GSTR 6 Form Filing Due Date

GSTR-6 is a return form for all the input service distributors registered under GST. Every ISD is required to file invoices information at GSTN portal.

As filing of GSTR-6 occurs after modifying, correcting, removing and adding information under GSTR-6A, most of the information is auto-populated in GSTR-6 from GSTR-6A.

Who Should File GSTR 6?

GSTR 6, a monthly return form, is filed by an Input Service Distributor. Input Service Distributors need to fill all details related to ITC received and distributed by them. The due date form GSTR 6 contains 11 sections.

The Input Service Distributors include:

  • Composition Dealers
  • Taxpayers liable to collect TCS
  • Taxpayers liable to deduct TDS
  • Suppliers of OIDAR (Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval)
  • Compounding taxable person
  • Non-resident Taxable Person

Who is an ISD (Input Service Distributor)?

Under GST, Input Service Distributor (ISD) is a business that receives invoices against services availed by its branches or other state units.

In return, it issues an ISD invoice that clearly states the distribution of taxes paid for each branch in a proportion with the goods and services availed by each branch. The Taxes distributed subsume credit of central tax (CGST), State tax (SGST)/ Union territory tax (UTGST) or integrated tax (IGST) on the goods and services offered by the supplier to a particular branch.

While each branch can have its own GSTIN but it must have the same PAN as that of the ISD. The Return details are shared with the particular branch/recipient as part of the GSTR 2A return form.

These details must be included by the recipients or the branch in the GSTR-2 to claim credits. It must also be noted that ISD is not required while filing Annual returns.

GSTR 6 Due Date For October 2019

Period (Monthly)Due Dates (Composition Dealers)
October 201913th November 2019
August 2019 201913th September 2019
July 201913th August 2019
July 2019 201913th August 2019
June 201913th July 2019
The following table explains the various headings under this return. Most of the headings under this return are auto-populated:
No.HeadingsDetails to be furnished
1GSTIN (Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number)It is a unique 15 digit state-wise PAN number. This is auto-populated during the return filing process.
2Legal Name of the registered personThis is also auto-populated once the taxpayer does login to the GST portal.
3Tax PeriodOnce logged in, the taxpayer must select the particular Period/month or year of tax for the GSTR-6 using the drop-down menu.
4Input Tax Credit received for DistributionThis section contains auto-populated details of all invoices of inward supplies received from a registered person and this is distributed as ITC for the current period.
The details are auto-populated as per those furnished by the counterparty in their respective GSTR-1 and GSTR-5.
ISD/taxpayer needs to enter the amount of credit available for CGST/SGST/IGST as the case may be.
For purchases made in multiple slots, invoice details must be reported in the return period in which the last lot has been received and recorded in books of accounts.
5Total ITC/ Eligible ITC/ Ineligible ITC to be distributed for the tax period.This section bifurcates the total ITC claims of the IDS as the eligible and ineligible. IDS or Taxpayer must provide CGST/SGST/IGST wise ITC details.
6Distribution of ITC from above(serial No 5)This section is where the IDS distributes the aggregated ITC (eligible/ineligible) to the respective recipient/units. Based on this the respective units/dealers claim ITC.
7Amendments in information furnished in previous returnsIn case of IDS wants to amend any errors made in previous months invoice details for inward supplies ( distribution document and debit /credit note), it can report so in this section.
8Input tax credit miss-matches and reclaims to be distributed in the tax periodUnder this heading, IDS/taxpayer can report any Reversal as well as Reclaim of ITC owing to mismatch or rectification.
9Redistribution of ITC distributed to a wrong recipient (plus/minus)In case of any previous incorrect distribution of ITC, IDS must furnish details of original distribution document and the details of redistribution documents (including invoices) for the specific dealer/ recipient in this section.
10Late FeeLate Fees (if any) which has been paid by the dealer on account of CGST/SGST/IGST must be mentioned under this heading.
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  1. Sir we have missed to file GSTR-6 from April 2018 To April 2019 although it is nil return.
    Please advice whether the late fess amount can be reduced,

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