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ICAI: Form 18 multidisciplinary partnership with additional professionals

ICAI Form 18 multidisciplinary partnership

On 8th July 2021 the institute of chartered accountants of India (ICAI) shown that the amended Form 18 that is the disclosure of the particular concerning to the office and companies beneath the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 (‘CA regulations’) With the modification in form 18, CA firms are now permitted to have the partnership with CMAs CSs, Advocates, Engineer, Architects, MBA, and the others allowed beneath section 53 B of the CA regulations. The amended form sought the information linked to the PAN and GST of the company. 

Form 18 includes the information towards the name of the company or the trade name of the Chartered Accountant for usage GST Registration number of firm, Name(s) of the proprietor/partners of the company with his/ their membership number(), PAN number and the information of the partners holding the certificate of the practice, information of the partners holding the professional qualifications rather than the Chartered Accountant/Company Secretary/Cost Accountant, according to the regulation 53 B, Address of the Head Office of the firm/Chartered Accountant in practice, Address(es) of the branch office(s) of the firm/Chartered Accountant in practice, Details of Partners Holding Professional Qualifications Other than Chartered Accountant/Company Secretary/Cost Accountant, Date of formation of proprietary/partnership firm, the date on which the present partnership was entered into, Ref. No; Date and particulars of approval of trade/firm name obtained from the Council (applicable to cases where the firm was started on or after 1.1.1983). If there is a date on which every branch office shall get opened name of the member, through the membership number who is in charge of every office that is the head office and branch offices, if the proprietor or the partner or the partner said in serial number 3 above is/are partner or proprietor or paid assistant with any additional companies of chartered accountants in use in India and if any of them are engaged for fulltime or the part-time occupation. 

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