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How to Create a Chartered Accountant Website As Per ICAI Guidelines

Chartered Accountant Website

Here we are providing some of the general ca website ICAI guidelines of the Institute as recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) which accounting professionals have to follow while creating their websites for Chartered Accountant Firm India. The sections such as the notification tab, Personal Information, News, Blogs, and Log in Panel are some of the crucial parts that must be available on a chartered accountant firm’s website in India.

ICAI Guidelines for CA Website Along with Advisory

The members know that the Website Guidelines will be published in 2001 which has already been in revision for so long. The Guidelines recalled in the 388th meeting of the Council held on 6th and 7th February 2020, are shown on page 143 of Volume – II of the Code of Ethics, 2020, Which might open on the ICAI guidelines for ca website pdf.

However, you can also access the website to view the guidelines of the Chartered Accountants the Ethical Standard Board i.e.

Section (6) and (7) of part -1 of the initial schedule to the Chartered Accountant Act, 1949 (‘Act’) bar entreaty and advertisement. The website Guidelines have been prepared by the Council in such a way as to allow members and organizations to have their Websites without affecting the provisions of Clauses (6) and (7). 

Additionally, it is compulsory to follow the guidelines of the Council in terms of the provisions of Section (1) of Part – II of the Second Schedule to the Act. The disregard of any Guidelines published through the Council is considered professional misconduct in terms of provisions of the above-raised sections. 

The instance might also be made to the Announcement published via the Institute in March 2014, accessed on the website of the Institute at although, it has been explained that the members are not supposed to share details of Chartered Accountants Organizations for the reason of ranking. 

ICAI Guidelines for CA Firm Websites in India

  • Chartered Accountants (CA) Professionals can develop their own Websites apart from the official website of the government. Chartered Accountants (CA) should keep in mind to follow the actual format while creating the design of the websites.
  • The (Chartered Accountant) CA Website in India should be based on the ‘Pull’ model, rather than the ‘Push’ model. However, an individual can acquire information related to CA and firms. The information mentioned in these types of websites must be based on ‘pull’ requests.
  • Try to avoid the impulsive format in the design of the websites. According to your feasibility, you can choose any of the colours for your (chartered accountant) CA firm website, there is no limitation in choosing the colours for the website.
  • The Chartered Accountant (CA) Professionals must make sure that the information mentioned on the website is not circulated in any way such as via e-mail or any other network mode or by their own excluding in response to a specific pull request.
  • The Chartered Accountants (CA) must also keep in mind that a professional CA website in India should not run any advertisements. They can still mention professional stationery in the website address.
  • At the time of creating a Chartered Accountants (CA) Website, one should consider adding the following necessary elements to the website:
  • Member/Trade/Firm name
  • Login
  • Year of the establishment
  • Firm’s Address (both Head Office and Branches)
  • Tel. No(s), Fax No(s)
  • E-mail ID(s)
  • Nature of services rendered (to be displayable only on specific “pull” requests)
  • Partners (Full details of partners like Name, qualification and contact details)
  • News
  • Jobs
  • Blogs
  • Chartered Accountants who are in the stage of practice or training are not allowed to use a logo on their websites. Authorized Members are allowed to post articles and necessary information related to Chartered Accountants (CA’s). The news Tab Option should also be available on a Chartered Accountant website Price India.
  • The Chat Room Option can also be provided on a CA Website which will allow clients to chat directly with a CA professional. The members can communicate with the client online (via email or chat) and also obtain advice on whether the accessibility of the CA website should be provided either free of cost or payment.
  • The listings in search engines should be restricted. The field of searching should be restricted only to the field of “Chartered Accountants” “CA” or “Indian CA”, “Indian CPA”, and “Indian Chartered Accountant”.
  • The professional CA websites in India are liable to follow the ICAI guidelines and would not be vetted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) otherwise. In case of violation of the above guidelines, necessary actions will be taken by the government in accordance with the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949, and the Regulations framed thereunder.
  • The details or content mentioned in the newly formulated CA websites should be presented in such a way which does not include any kind of promotional activities such as offers, schemes, and advertisements for professional achievement. It is against the ICAI guidelines and the appropriate action will be initiated by ICAI in terms of disciplinary.
  • The databases of Chartered Accountants or farms are created by Chartered Accountant Societies or other bodies, where the listing of it would be permitted with or without payment.

  • As per the ICAI guidelines, Chartered Accountants (CA) are not allowed to run advertisements on their websites.
  • The information or content mentioned on the website must be relevant to CA professionals, and should not contain information which is not relevant to CA professionals.
  • An official link to the ICAI Website can be provided on CA websites in India. An official link to the websites of Govt./Govt. Departments/Regulatory authorities/other professional bodies, such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW), and The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) can also be provided in the websites.
  • The address and URL of the newly developed CA website should be informed to ICAI within 30 days of the formulation.
  • According to ICAI Guidelines, Chartered Accountants should mention the updation date on their websites.

Most of the CAs do not have sufficient information and/or resources to create a professional Chartered Accountant Website in India. Before developing a new website, it is necessary to read all the important rules and regulations of ICAI.

Users might also have many questions to ask the website designer about the project, as it is crucial to focus on the fundamental information related to Chartered Accountants’ websites. It is essential to meet the guidelines of ICAI while formulating the project.

ICAI has provided guidelines for the CA members and CA firms on the website. The notification includes the client’s name, the name of the firm, the professional fee, etc CA-relevant people can seek information through this official notification from the ICAI Website Guidelines.

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    Budget-Friendly Important Features to Create a CA Firm Website As Per ICAI Guidelines

    There are some of the most important features required to be within the chartered accountant website and we will surely Discuss the same over here in the post;

    • Website as per ICAI/ICSI/Bar Council Guidelines
    • Business Email id
    • Hosting Space
    • SEO Ready Website
    • Responsive Mobile-Friendly Layout
    • Enquiry Form
    • Social Media Integration
    • Blog Dynamics
    • Due Date Reminder
    • Act, Rules, Circulars and Notifications
    • Latest News (GST, Income tax)
    • Visitor Counter
    • Google Map
    • QR Code Scanner
    • Live Chat Integration
    • WhatsApp Chat
    • Language Translator
    • Inquiry Form Popup
    • Client Reviews and Testimonials
    • Video Image Gallary
    • Optimized Code for Speed Fast Loading

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