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Annual Fee for ICSI Membership and Certificate of Practice (COP)

ICSI COP mamber fees

Under the Company Secretaries Act, of 1980, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) controls the profession of company secretaries in India. The ICSI sets the professional standards performs the exams, and furnishes the education and training to the candidate of company secretaries. We will talk about the yearly membership price and certificate of practice charge that company secretaries must pay to the ICSI in this blog.

Annual Membership Fee:

The annual membership fee would be called to be a fee that the company secretaries pay for keeping their membership with ICSI. All ICSI members along with those who would be in practice or in full-time employment would be needed to file a yearly membership fee. 

The council of the Institute specifies the annual membership fee for the ICSI and is pertinent to the change with time. 


From 1st April 2023, the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for the years 2023-24 would be due. 30th June 2023 will be the due date for the annual membership fee and certificate in practice. The certificate of practice and membership fee subjected to be paid are as follows-

Particulars Associate Fellow
Annual Membership feeRs. 2950 Rs. 3540
Certificate of Practice feeRs. 2360Rs. 2360
Entrance feeRs. 2360Rs. 2360
Restoration feeRs. 295Rs. 295
  • Fee inclusive of applicable GST at the rate of 18%
  • The fee is inclusive of applicable GST at the rate of 18% and applicable when an annual membership fee is not obtained by 30th June 2023. 
  • When the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee do not obtain by 30th June 2023 then the fee applicable is inclusive of the subjected GST @18%.

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A 75% concession in the payment of the Associate/Fellow Annual Membership fee can be claimed by the member whose age is 70 years or more than that. 

A concession could be asked by the member who is Divyangjan in the annual membership fee at a 50% rate that comes into force from 1st April 2021. For the members whose age is 70 years or exceeding that are also applicable for the 50% concession. The members are obligated to submit the medical certificate to the same consequence asking for the same concession. 

Mode for Remittance of Fee

Via the online mode, the fee is enabled to get remitted merely through the use of the payment gateway of the website of the institute

Online Services through Members Portal login. 

  1. Use the ONLINE SERVICES tab on
  2. Select Member Portal from the dropdown
  3. Log in using your membership number e.g. A1234/F1234
  4. Enter your password
  5. Click on renew link under Notifications on your Home Page
  6. See the details and pay the fee

No acceptance of payment when made via any other mode. 

Below mentioned would require to be done during making the online payment of the annual membership fee-

  1. Declaration of PAN & AADHAAR
  2. Verification of your address under the Regulation 3 of the CS (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 by tapping on the provided check box
  3. Declaration of eCSIN (if applicable)
  4. Declaration of UDIN (if applicable)
  5. Declaration of GSTIN number (optional)

Refer to FAQs on the home page of if additional information is needed, if not clear ask for the query at

Check the official announcement by ICSI: Click here

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