About and FAQs: UDIN for Practicing Chartered Accountants
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Things You Should Know About Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN)

FAQs UDIN for Practicing CA

The same will be seen that the fiscal documents or the certificate attested via 3rd person representing themselves in a wrong way as CA members are misleading the heads and stakeholders. ICAI is indeed obtaining the complaints of signatures of CAs run by the non-CAs. To control the bogus practices the Professional Development Committee of ICAI has been made in a procedural way a new idea of UDIN that is Unique Document Identification Number. From 1st Feb 2019, all the certificates will be essential under the compliances made by the council avail at its 379th Meeting held on 17th – 18th December 2018.

The CAs who own a full-time Certificate of Practice would be enabled to enrol on the UDIN portal and generate UDIN by registering the certificates attested/certified by them.

For the process, you can tap here for Frequently-Asked Questions, tap on the FAQs for Practicing Chartered Accountants, and for any query, tap on the Complaints or you can email at udin@icai.in

FAQs: UDIN for Practicing Chartered Accountants

A. About Unique Document Identification Number(UDIN)

  1. What do you understand by Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN)? 

Ans: UDIN ( Unique Document Identification Number is an 18 – Digits system that generates a certain number for each document certified/ attested through practising Chartered Accountants. 

  1. What is the motive behind UDIN? 

Ans: In order to restrict the malpractices of certification through non – CAs by imitating themselves as CAs, the ICAI has come across with an innovative idea of UDIN such as a Unique Document Identification Number which has been executed in a gradational manner. It will save the documents attested/ certificates/ reports/ certified by practising CAs. This will also allow the Regulators/ Third parties to check the reality of the chequebooks/Banks/documents/ reports. 

  1. What the 18 – Digit of UDIN represent? 

Ans: Here, the 18 digits UDIN resembles ( YY MMMMMM AANNNAANNN) will be similar;



             Initial 2 digits are YY – Last 2 digits of the Current Year ( 19 in this case) 

The next 6 Digits are MMMMMM – ICAI’s Membership No. ( 304576) in this section) 

The next 10 Digits are AANNNAANNN – Alphanumeric caused randomly through the system ( AKTSBN1359).

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  1. Is there is any charge for the generation of UDIN? 

Ans: There would not any charges for the generation and registration of UDIN. 

  1. What about the security of UDIN? 

Ans: UDIN is fully secured as it can only be seen through the Member and/or the Regulators / other Stakeholders who are having the UDIN. Moreover, it doesn’t store any information about the clients. 

  1. What is the best time to obtain UDIN? 

Ans: UDIN has been initiated during the time of signing the certificate. But the similar can be produced under 15 days of the signing of the same ex. Under 15 days from the date written at certificates and not further that. 

  1. In the process of UDIN generation, are there any documents been asked to upload on the UDIN Portal? 

Ans: No, there would be no requirement of such uploading for generating UDIN.

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    F. Revised FAQs on Bank Audit

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    I. Additional FAQs on UDIN for Other Audit & Assurance Functions

    J. Help desk of UDIN

    We have cleared some of the basic points within the post, however, if one is interested much more than the basic, then he can anytime visit the given below link for reference with the inclusion of applicability, process version of the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs). https://udin.icai.org/faqs

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