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Steps for Effective Accounting Firm Website Development

Effective Accounting Firm Website

“First impression is the last impression”. A website is very important for all kinds of business as it creates a first impression in the minds of your clients about your business. The design and content of used are the heart and soul of the website. Attractive design and informative content helps in bringing more users to the website but only the design and content do not make the website effective and efficient.

A lot of other factors affect the effectiveness of the website. If the website is not effective then the clients will not visit the website again. So you must consider all the factors before the development of the website. Especially, if you are indulged in accounting services. 

Website provides the initial information about the services being provided by your firm so it is important that your website is attractive and has all the other features required to make a website effective. The solution to the problem is not having any website at all as it may result in missing out the potential clients. So, in this article, I am going to explain all the important steps that are required to develop an effective accounting firm website. 


Focus on the Brand 

The website should have all the details related to your brand from the official address to the services provided by you. Brand logos, audio-visuals, About Us page and other brand details should be available on the website.

If you do not provide enough information then the client will not trust your brand. Provide information but keep it professional not sale headed. Try to get an attractive and easy domain name for your website so that the users can remember it for a longer period of time. 

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Update the Content Regularly

You should keep the content on the website updated. Any changes in the world of accounting that can affect your brand should be included on the website. The content of the website should be reliable and easy to understand. Reliability will build trust and ease will help in providing information to more users. The ranking of your website in the search engine results can also be improved through the continuous content updates. 

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Make the Website Useful

If your website does provide sufficient information to the users apart from the contact details and company bio, the user may find it unappealing. The users may not trust your brand as the proper information is not being provided. You can add features like loan calculators, taxation policies and other details to make your website worth the visit. 

No Need to show Vocabulary Skills

A lot of official words are used by the accountants, but you should not use such words while writing the content for your website. Write in such a way that is understandable by all. No need to show your vocabulary in the content as it may not be understandable to the general users. 

Check for Errors

Before uploading the content on the website, you should make sure that there are no errors in the content, spelling or otherwise. Pass it among the colleagues to make sure that the content is attractive and grammatically correct. You should always make sure that the content is reliable and true. 

Test the Website Regularly

Check your website regularly for any errors or broken links. Non-performing websites will bring negative effects to your business. Replace any links that you may not need. Check that website loads quickly taking less time, the users are busy and impatient they won’t wait for your website to load and will move on to find a substitute. So test your website regularly. Do not forget to include attractive graphics to the website.

Provide Contact Details

The contact details will be provided in the contact us page of the website but make sure that you include the contact details in every single page of the website. Contact details makes the user interested in contacting the company right away. Provide phone numbers and emails for the users to contact on in case of any queries. 

Detail your Speciality

Your speciality is the key for your business, try to flaunt it in any way possible. Your speciality will bring you more and more clients for the business. Create special pages for the specialities and put them on the display. You can also create a whole new website for your speciality if required. 

Provide a Registration and Login Option

Some websites provide the registration and login feature on the website for the interested clients and you should do this too. You can introduce more features and content to the users who registers your website. This will help in making sure that the user returns to the website again for the details. 

Provide the Option to Review 

Reviews can be very beneficial for your business. Tyr to generate 5-star reviews for your website. The new users rely on the reviews of the current or previous clients. The user will most likely look for the ratings of your website before getting in touch with you. 

Get Social and Be Findable

Create an account on social media platforms so that more and more people can find your business easily. More than 70% of the adults have a social media account so try to use it for your benefit. Be findable, employ search engine optimisation (SEO) and other digital marketing techniques to make your website visible to more users. 

All these aspects should be considered before going for the development of a website for your business. They can impact your business very badly if ignored. If you are an Accounting Firm, Chartered Accountants firm, Company Secretary Firm or Lawyers Firm and want to get your website created then you can one created with the help of Gen CA Portal from the house of SAG Infotech.

You can select the perfect website theme for your brand from a list of hundreds of themes. You can get a customised design too if you want. Get your website by contacting us at or give us a line at 0141-4072000 and our professionals will provide you with all the details you need.

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