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5 Important Points For CAs To Take Care Nowadays

Chartered Accountant Important Points

It shouldn’t be mentioned but the professional credentials of chartered accountants are often estimated and evaluated to which and how many clients they are working with.

We all know that CA is considered among one of the extraordinary rewarding careers and the professional CA must keep a lot of things in mind to get more clients along with their trust. The clients who are looking for hired CAs and are also ready to pay handsomely then never lose the grip from them.

The most important thing a CA must keep in mind is that the technology is growing and everyone is becoming digital.

So whoever will need a CA, the first thing the client will do is search the CA online because it is easy and time-saving. So this indicates that the CA professionals have to focus on becoming more digital. But the thing that disappoints is that CAs does not do any advertisement about their profession because of the protocols and this is the reason why they are having a problem in getting modest clients online.

So, to help such CAs out, we have brought out 5 things which the CA must compulsorily do in order to increase the decent clients:

1. Expand Standalone Practice And Work In Partners

It won’t be wrong to say the clients commonly engage with the CAs who have their own CA firm. So the CA who wants a client must move beyond the standalone practice which means that the CA must have partners and this can only be possible if they have a firm. But in the CA scenario, everyone tries to start their own firm due to which it becomes difficult for them to add on other CAs in the group.

So to get one step closer to it, the CAs have to make a revenue-sharing structure and it should be made in such a way that the clients get attracted towards it by themselves. All the aspects must be considered and must be separated by keeping in mind the capital contributed, shared workload, as well as the exact work experience. Another step is to make a profit-sharing model taking into consideration the clients and deliverables.

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2. Create Digital Platforms

For CA, this involves the willingness to finally pay the current fee structure and the desired amount of customers. As we know that every second person dreams of becoming a CA so you can imagine the competition level and to fight this competition the CAs must come up with new tricks every now and then to stand still.

Apart from this, the CAs will also have to explore their expertise to the clients by an article and this can happen only by online professional service aggregators which one can Google it. Also, if the CA have a good following in the social networking sites then it makes the load a bit lighter as it creates awareness.

The upcoming 20 years is going to be a great platform as it will provide marketplaces as well as on-demand services. We are taking in reference the internet connected workforce around the world and it will be interesting to see how the CAs and other business professionals will make use of the technology. These are the digital platforms which will decide how Tax and Legal industries will benefit the million or billion.

On the other hand, Legal and Accounting Process outsourcing have a cheap workforce cost and we can also say that the digital platform will help the CAs to reach out to the internal businesses too.

3. Be Proficient In One Niche

Many cases have come up in which the CAs only end up confusing the clients because they provide many options in front of them. So it is very important for the CAs to know that have knowledge of everything but be proficient only in one area. With this, it will be easier for the CA to get the clients and the clients too will not be confused to choose.

4. Explore New Things Every Now And Then

A CA is considered to be professional because he/she loves to explore new things and tries to grab knowledge which is correlated to their field. Always remember that “A single efforts can help us in gaining success”.

Each and every information is important as it will always help in attracting the clients. Every single piece of information encourages the clients to choose the appropriate and knowledgeable CA.

Knowledge is eternal, it will always be with you. Knowledge will help you to grab the client. So the CA who want more clients must have the knowledge for being updated. This is the criteria of the client for a CA. The CA must mention their skills in social networking sites as it will help in bringing clients.

5. Hold Strong Ethical Values

The CA must mandatorily hold on the strong ethical values because the financial mismanagement is increasing day by day due to which CAs are on the gunpoint and are under observation.

Considering the ethical codes and standards, the CAs should keep up with new developments in the accounting areas due to which regularly track to the websites of think tank and regulatory bodies must be done to apply in the field workshops. The CAs must follow the motto of ICAS ‘Quaere Verum’ which translates to ‘seek the truth’.


CA is a boon to the clients who need tax and accounting management and calculations because they have great command in this. Day by day the competition is increasing so the present CAs and the upcoming CAs must keep all the above-mentioned points in mind to stand in the competition and to increase their clients.

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