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Role of Technology For Company Secretary Succes in 2020 !

Role of Technology For CS

No matter the field you are in, technology has touched everyone’s life and transformed it for greater efficiency and automation, where Company secretary is no exception.

According to a survey conducted recently, the usage of technology among the company secretaries is inconsistent. 62% of company secretaries use it for admin purposes such as board packs or e-filing and only 14% of them use this innovation for other works.

As the role of company secretaries is mutating and becoming more challenging, … Read More

Benefits of Being a Company Secretary in India

Benefits of Being CS

Company secretary takes an upper-level position in an in all the organizational matters including security market, company law, corporate strategies and related cases. Also, the CS maintains regulatory compliance and company administration smoothly.

The company secretary also holds the important tasks of upkeeping the records of the company. Apart from the duties, the CS can expect good pay of 25,000 to 40,000 per month in any Indian company.

Starting a career as a Company Secretary brings many Duties & Responsibilities … Read More

Company Secretary (CS) Profession – Your Road to Success

Company Secretary Profession
What Does Career Impart?

Carrier has often been understood among societal members as a means to study, get a well-paid job or get engaged in a business/profession that offers lucrative financial perks.

However, it is a much broader concept, and many of the readers will agree that career is an individual’s metaphorical journey through work, learning, and other aspects of life in order to boost his/her self esteem. Career term in most parts of the world has been largely related … Read More

What Role Company Secretary Play in Corporate Business?

Company Secretary Role In Corporate

Company Secretary is a valuable profile and more responsible persons which play a significant role in corporate governance. Even board directors understand that the company secretary is a “go-to” person to respond to any queries. In case of a board of directors doesn’t obtain the required answers, corporate secretary or company secretary will direct them to where they can get the answers.

A company secretary checks complete statutory regulation of the company and takes care of compliance as per the … Read More

How Custom Theme Selection on CA Portal Exactly Works?

CA Portal Themes Selection

In the current digitized world, having a top-quality professional website is essential for almost every professional operating in any industry.

In the case of the accounting industry, the situation is no different. Clients seeking accounting or financial services are continually looking out for accountants or accounting firms on search engines, who provide quality services.

So, it is important for you as an accountant or accounting firm to have a professional website that is responsive and provide necessary details to clients … Read More

Duties & Responsibilities Handled By A Company Secretary

Company Secretary Duties and Responsibility

Duties of Company Secretary India plays an important role in the company. Role of company secretary in company law commands over the smooth functioning of the administration process in a business environment of the company. As it is the top qualification of company secretary in the country, the responsibility and role are very complicated and need channelized attempts to be displayed in a phased manner.

After the Companies Act 2013, the role of Company Secretary in India has become very … Read More

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