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Lawyers, Advocates and Legal Advisers Liability Under Reverse charges Mechanism GST

Lawyers Advocates and Legal Advisers Liability Mechanism

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India offers a more comprehensive and more formalized indirect tax structure without the cascading effects of the erstwhile VAT regime. The GST categorizes supply of goods and services under four tax slabs 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. In technical terms, GST is a multi-stage destination-based tax that is levied on every stage of value addition. The GST was touted as a major reform towards formalization of the unorganized sector as well as making business operations easier and more accountable. And it is not just the common taxpayers and business owners, GST has equally impacted the legal community too. read more

10 Important Steps for your Accounting and Legal Firm Websites You Must Follow

Modern Human being has evolved to use tools and communication for various effects and results. One such device that has over the past few decades has exponentially changed every aspect of our life is the internet. From e-commerce to the e-tax filing, the scope and scale of the internet are now beyond comprehension. While the internet is made up of many interconnected components, one intricate part of the internet is the ‘Website.’ read more

Duties & Responsibilities Handled By A Company Secretary

Company Secretary Duties and Responsibility

Company Secretary India plays an important role in the company. CS commands over the smooth functioning of the administration process in a business environment of the company. As it is among the top brass in the company, the responsibility and role are very complicated and need channelized attempts to be displayed in a phased manner. After the Companies Act 2013, the role of Company Secretary in India has become very important. read more

What Makes Professional Lawyer Smart In Solving Problems

Smart Professional Lawyers

Professional Lawyer generally does not concern the fact that the person or contender is unable to understand doesn’t have a law degree and it is really difficult for them to acknowledge the law jargon asap. A few take the EULA they sign as an arbitration clause and do not read it. In a research, it is found that only 1 from 10 really understands the EULA which includes the clause, although, rarely understand the meaning. That is really hard to believe. read more

Choose The Most Happening Professional Website Template For CA, CS and Lawyers For Your Website

Professional Website Templates For CA, CS and Lawyer

The layout and appearance of the website play a key role in attracting more clients and enable people to give positive vibes about your business. Nowadays, online presence is very important in a business, firm or a website. Gone are the days when people believe to do not judge the book by its cover, now the most suitable proverb for your business is “seeing is believing”. The more attractive and quality website you have, the longer you will go. This makes the importance of selecting the perfectly suitable theme for your business. There are many Professional website templates are available, but choosing the appropriate one for your business is also important as all the themes do not go with all sort of businesses. CA portal provides extremely relevant templates to perfectly suit your professional career. read more

Top 10 Ways To Generate Business For A Lawyer

Best Way To Generate Business For Lawyers

Generating a good business is the aim of a lawyer and when it comes to make clients and become their lawyer, it is not that easy as it sounds. This post explains everything you need to know in order to generate a good benefit as a lawyer.

By applying mentioned tactics, you will feel elevated in your business and a new enthusiasm on how to get started. As various website are available now to provide Lawyer website and you do not worry about your online presence because lawyer website design plays an important role in attracting clients as well. read more

(Over) CA Day : 50% Flat Discount For CA, CS & LAWYER Website

CA CS Lawyer Website

The CA portal is an online platform to make your professional website for CA CS and LAWYERS easy and affordable. Now Get your own professional website at flat 50% discount only on CA Portal. On the ocassion of CA Day, CA Portal offers all the CA, CS and lawyers, a chance to build their own website at an affordable price. CA Portal is a complete package for the tax professionals including (Domain+Hosting+Website) on flat 50% discount from 1st to 6th July 2018 to celebrate the Chartered Accountants Day. read more

GDPR Impact On Company Secretary And Accountancy

GDPR Impact on CS and Accountant

The new data protection law became effective from the 25th May which has changed the role of Company Secretary a bit and here is the detailed information how the life of a Company Secretary is affected.

What Do You Understand By GDPR?

As mentioned on the official portal “the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy.” read more

How to Get a Good Website for Lawyers

Good Lawyer Website

Lawyers are important independent pillars of democracy. A lawyer plays a pivotal role in ensuring justice for his/her clients. As a lawyer, there would always be an inherent desire inside you to reach out and help as many as you can with your expertise. An easy way for this is to have your own website. A website gives exponential reach to your visibility and expertise. read more

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