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Why is SSL Important? Benefits of SSL Certificate for Website

SSL Certificate: Benefits and Types

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, it is a certificate that became a standard of online security in the last few years. Websites these days are only recognised safe to visit if they are using SSL and HTTPS to protect your information. SSL is not only vital for information safety but nowadays it also has a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it helps websites to rank higher.

Getting an SSL certificate and implanting it in the … Read More

10 Steps for your Accounting and Legal Firm Websites You Must Follow

Importance of digital marketing for accounting firms !

Digital marketing is the most important part of the development of accounting firms. The owner of accounting firms wants to promote his online filing business. As accounting now can be done online and people can easily file their returns online they only have to approach their accounting as well. The digital marketing makes the firms recognize with their brands. Firms can determine via digital marketing by seeing the financial results on their … Read More

Six Skills Accountants Need to Succeed in the Future

Skills Accountants Need to Succeed

Are you aware of the skills that are required for a successful career in accounts? From the name, it doesn’t appear to be an effective career in the option available, while looking by zooming the concern one finds that it is the heart of the business.

An accountant is required in every company no matter where the companies stand at the top. Moreover, it prompts the auditing might be a management or tax and finance associated. The chances are that … Read More

10-Step Checklist For a more Effective Accounting Website

step for effective accounting website

In the world where appearance and regular interaction with your customer matters the most, starting a website is just a baby step you have taken. Websites nowadays are becoming the front face of the businesses thus it is important to make it effective as well as well-targeted and informative. 

There are some very important factors that play a huge role in ranking and attracting visitors /customers, today we are providing a list of these factors and I hope it will … Read More

FAQs w.r.t CA May/November 2020 Examinations

FAQs CA May/Nov 2020 Examinations

Board of Studies department of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India released a notification with Frequently Asked Questions w.r.t May/November 2020 Examinations and also provided suitable answers for them.

Q1. Do the students who had previously applied to the May 2020 examination  will also have to fill a fresh examination form for the November 2020 session?

Ans. Yes, Students who applied for May 2020 exams will also have to fill a fresh form for CA November 2020 exam.

Q2. … Read More

Reconciliation of Shares Capital Audit Report: Form PAS 6

Shares Capital Audit Report Form PAS 6

The government of the country had previously made it compulsory for all the companies ruled by Companies (Prospectus and Allotment of Securities) Third Amendment Rules, 2019, to submit form PAS 6 with the Registrar of the Companies as a reconciliation of share capital audit report. The form is to be submitted within 60 days from the completion of half-year along with a fee as provided in Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules 2014. 

The form should be duly certified by … Read More

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