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Close:Women’s Day Offer 2021: Flat 50% off on Professional Website

Women’s day is celebrated all across the world on 8 March as women have gained their rights. This latter converted into the Holiday and is used to be celebrated all through the communist countries and socialists movement. UNO post-1977 had acknowledged the day and started celebrating international women’s day. In today’s era, women have the right to do anything and are then applied all over the world. Women’s day is celebrated so that to make people conscious of women’s rights … Read More

Release of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 to the LLP Act,2008: ICAI

provisions of the Companies Act 2013

The ministry of corporate affairs has recently did an announcements regarding the extension of some companies act 2013 provisions considering some adaptations and modifications to the LLP act 2008 vide Section 67(1) of the LLP Act, 2008 powers.

All these provisions which are under the plan to get extensions to the LLP act 2008 can be noted down from here:

SNo.Section of the Companies Act, 2013Particulars1.Section 90(1) to 90(11)Register of significant beneficial owners in a company2.Section 164(1) & 164(2)Disqualifications for… Read More

How Legal Audit Can Help Business Become More Effective

Legal Audit
What is Legal Audit:

‘ LEGAL AUDIT ’ –  the word itself speaks a lot about the process. ‘Legal’ here means related to law and ‘Audit’ means inspection. In short, the process determines that the company is duly abiding by the overall guidelines and billing standards set by the government of India. 

‘Economy is a wider term and is made with the contribution of every single business unit/company operative in the country no matter it is a private or public … Read More

Opportunities for CA/CMA/CS in Budget 2021

Opportunities for CA/CMA/CS

From January 29, 2021, Senses started to rise and gained 4,446 points and it reached its peak of 50,731 on February 5, 2021. Along with Sensex, on January 26, 2021, IMF also projected 11.5 percent growth for India.

Not just Sensex and IMF, Budget 2021 brings joy to many in the business and professional world, we analyzed the expected opportunities provided or taken away from CA/CMA/CSs with the Budget 2021.

New Opportunities for CA/CMA/CSs The provisions are now more complicated… Read More

Top 12 Professional Solutions to Common Law Firm Problems

Smart Professional Lawyers

It is hard to run a law company. Whether running it individually, partner at a small company, or associate with a larger company, various hurdles will come across your path. Professional Lawyer generally does not concern the fact that the person or contender is unable to understand doesn’t have a law degree and it is really difficult for them to acknowledge the law jargon asap. Some of them are mentioned below along with their solutions for your law firm websites. … Read More

List of Top 11 CA Firms in India 2021: Detailed Description

Top CA Firms

Looking for good ‘Chartered Accountants’ Firm in India?

Here, we are providing a list of Top 11 Chartered Accountants Firms available in India to till date, along with a detailed description.

We endeavor to help the CA students and final pass-outs in Choosing good CA firms after the declaration of their CA Finals and CA IPCC results.

We see that after every six months the CA students batch passes out and after that, the quest of finding out good CA … Read More

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