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FAQs w.r.t CA May/November 2020 Examinations

FAQs CA May/Nov 2020 Examinations

Board of Studies department of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India released a notification with Frequently Asked Questions w.r.t May/November 2020 Examinations and also provided suitable answers for them.

Q1. Do the students who had previously applied to the May 2020 examination  will also have to fill a fresh examination form for the November 2020 session?

Ans. Yes, Students who applied for May 2020 exams will also have to fill a fresh form for CA November 2020 exam.

Q2. Whether the Students who have applied to the May/ July 2020 exam will be allowed to change exam center details in the form of November 2020 exams?

Ans. Yes, Students will be allowed to change their exam center, they can opt for the center of their choice.

Q3. Whether a Student who previously had applied to the May 2020 exam in one group can now opt for both groups or can he/ she be permitted to change the group in the November 2020 exam? 

Ans. Yes, Students who applied for one group in May/ June 2020 exams are permitted to opt for both groups or even change the group for the November exam by paying an appropriate fee. 

Q4. Will the already paid fee of the May 2020 exam be adjusted or will the candidate have to pay the full fee again this time and the previously paid fee will be refunded?

Ans. If the Student had applied for the one group for May/ June 2020 exam and again option for the only one group for November 2020 exams then the fee will be adjusted and the candidate doesn’t have to pay the fee. However, if a candidate earlier applied for one group and is now opting for both groups this time then he/she has to pay the difference of fee only.

Q5. Can a student who failed to get benefits of the exemptions available in the May 2020 examinations claim exemption in the November examinations?

Ans. Yes, All due exemptions for May 2020 examination have been carried forward to November examination and eligible candidates can claim the same while applying for the November Exam.

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Q6. When will the last attempt be made for the Intermediate Old Course?

Ans. Just like the May/ June 2020 exam, the Last attempt for the Intermediate Old Course is also extended to the November session exam.

Q7.When will be the last attempt for Final Old course students?

Ans. It is also extended to May 2021 Examinations.

Q8. Will the examinations be held in November Month or December?

Ans. Itc   will be held in November 2020.

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Q9. In case if a student qualified the one group in the old scheme, can he migrate to the Final New Scheme in the November Exam?

Ans. Yes, students may migrate for Final New Scheme before filling the form of the November CA exam but he/she will have to appear in the balance group first.

Q10. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are unable to travel to the examination centers. Staying at the city center is also risky. So, does the institute plan to open new examination centers at States/ Districts level, where presently no Center is there, to avoid hardship being face by the student?

Ans. Yes, it has been decided that a total of 193 (192 in India and 1 in Overseas) additional Examination centers will be opened and candidates can choose  appropriate centers from them. For more details you can check the announcement published on 4th August 2020. 

Q11. Can ICAI cancel exam centers if enough number of candidates do not choose particular newly added exam centers?

Ans. ICAI will not cancel any newly added exam center.

Q12. Are the students of Final New Course allowed to change the elective subject while filling the form for the November 2020 examination?

Ans. Yes, Students are permitted to change the elective subject of the 6th Paper and fill the form for CA November exam 2020.

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Q13. Will a student be allowed to change their medium of language while filling in the new examination form for the CA November 2020 exam?

Ans. Yes, 

Q14. Will the student get another chance to modify his choice of exam center after one month post-filling of fresh form in case of epidemic situation changes in his/her area?

Ans. Yes, The dedicated correction Window will be opened in the 1st week of October 2020 to do such changes.

Q15. The May Examinations have been cancelled and merged with November Examinations, would the pass out date be considered in May 2020 or Nov 2020?

Ans. As the May 2020 examination has been merged with the November 2020 examination thus passing out month, and year will be November 2020.

Q16. If a student has 2 papers left to complete his second group in IPCE and is going to attempt it in May 2021 and that student has to clear his 2 question papers in November 2020, then in that case how can he appear in May 2021 exam, because the due date of registration will fall in December 2020 but the result of November 2020 examination is expected in January / February 2021.

Ans. After passing both the groups of IPCE, the student has to register in the final course prior to filling the form for the final examin.

Q17. Can a student apply in Group II under the old course and in Group II under the new syllabus simultaneously in the November 2020 examination?

Ans. No, students can either apply in the  old course or in a new case.

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