Great Techniques To Promote Your Law Firm Website Online
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Great Techniques To Promote Your Law Firm Website Online

The online competition is so much furious also in the law firm website that it takes every day to remain active and research base for healthy marketing. Therefore if you are seriously into providing any lawyer firm services you must be ready with the latest online trend.

Whenever individuals are looking for any kind of lawyer information nowadays – they prefer to search online instead to open a phone book. So it is essential for the law firms to make its online presence strong so that the users can find them easily while they are searching on the internet.

To make a strong presence on the internet is one of the most important factors for the website after the development of it.

Having a website doesn’t mean that people visit on it or if in case the people visit on your website doesn’t’ mean it is creating a sale.

For generating the sale, the law firms have to promote the online activities so that the people create interest in it.

In this article, we are going to provide the Great Techniques To Promote Your Law Firm Website Online:

#1. Create and Promote Your Personal Brand

Creating and Promoting the personal brand on Google is one of the most effective online marketing activities which helps lawyer firm to engage its presence in the web world.

The law firms get good traffic on its website by redirecting their lawyers’ bio pages as potential clients are in search to hire a client, not the firm. So, the potential clients would focus on the individual people that are to be known for creating the firm good image in the market.

So each lawyer or attorney that is currently working in your firm must have a solid bio page which helps to promote your firm online so that the potential clients would be able to get know more about you.

Personal Branding

Bio Page:

Initially, the visitor generally prefer to click on the bio pages of the company website which includes the great milestones of the company where the past experiences or history of the employees are mentioned.

The lawyer firms must provide the informative history each of its lawyers or attorney which include the following information:

  • Related keywords for SEO Ranking
  • A professional photo
  • Past work experience, licenses, and other credentials
  • Links where content or information published by the lawyers
  • A clear CTA buttons that lets visitors know what you want them to do

To get the knowledge how to create and promote the personal brand on Google search engine, you can visit the James M. Trusty and Heidi Dalenberg lawyer’s full profile on Google.

Lawyers Bio Page

Facts and Figures regarding lawyer branding and law firm branding are mentioned below:-

  • It is being analyzed on Google Consumer Survey that 96 percent of the people take the legal counseling with the help of search engine.
  • 74% of the users visit the lawyers’ website to take some important suggestions about his/her career.
  • It had been observed in one survey in the year 2015, search engine options were considered one the most of effective options to gather the information regarding the lawyer firms.

#2. Useful and Informative Content

By providing useful, informative and good content law firms can make its strong presence on the internet.

‘Content is King’ is one of the famous quotes that we have heard so many times. Through knowledgeable content, the law firm does not gather only people attention but also to engage them in his/ her specialized area.

Quotations first

Law firms can use online tools like BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, Cloohawk, Feedly, Content Gems, What’s Trending, Google Trends, Curator (By Twitter), Hashtagify, Social Mention and more.

Content Marketing Tools

All of the aforementioned tools help the law firms which topic has been trending, the most popular content and the most popular social media management technique in the law industry.

Additionally, these tools help the firms to enhance its presence in the web world as the most of the people totally rely on the google search engine. The firms must publish one article on the daily routine in its website which is related only to the legal topic/ subject.

Creating a publishing schedule is one of the effective ways which could help the firms to planned the articles in advance and select a few topics that are useful for the particular time period of the current year.

#3. Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms is one of the effective ways for law firms to make its strong presence in the web world. For this, the firms must be active on popular social media platforms namely Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Through social media platforms, law firms can also solve user queries.

Social media is a great platform to get connected with potential clients and industry- based professionals. Furthermore, the social media platform is one of the effective ways to share articles, videos or any type of content on your website.

Social Media Platform


Linkedin is generally used for the professional purpose and it a great way to connect/ engage with firms lawyers. To promote the website online, law firms can create the company page on Linkedin just by providing the full information regarding the company and add an attractive banner and logo.

Just by providing useful and knowledgeable information firms can encourage the firm’s lawyers to follow the page. The firms must update the page on the regular basis just by publishing useful articles, video or content to encourage more people.


Law Firms must create an account on Twitter to promote its website online. Twitter helps firms to follow clients, lawyers and professional influencers and it a great way to make strong network and to get to know about your competitors.

Google +:

Google + is one of the services that are being offered by Google. The content published on Google + automatically shown in search results of Google as it is indexed by the search engine giant.

The law firms can promote its website by creating the company page in Google place which will be found on Google’s local search. To utilize Google services, firms have to create a profile on Google+ just by mentioning the short description.

Through Google +, firms can make a connection with clients, professionals, and prospects in its specialized area. various active Google communities pages such as Lawyers on G+ Community, Lawyers & Law are available on the Google + that the that the lawyers can join.


To promote the website online, the lawyer firms can create a business page on Facebook with the firm name. Furthermore, to encourage its presence on the web world they can send the email to their business contacts and invited as much as friends to like the page.

At facebook page, the law firms can share the links of articles which automatically redirected to the user on your website. Additionally, and can discuss on topics related to law to engage more and more visitors on your page.

#4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest and great ways to promote your website online.

Emails and Newsletters:

To promote the website online, the law firms can send the newsletters and emails to the targeted audience on the daily basis and it is always considered the effective online marketing activities which help to boost the firm’s’ image in a customers mind.

Furthermore, the companies can use email marketing services such as MailChimp and send all the important information to the targeted audience regarding the new launches, blogs, product details, monthly updates, announcements and more.

The firms can also use internal links between the articles/ blogs to encourage audience visit to your website.

Firms must take care of one thing that the newsletters or email you have sent to the targeted audience must not go in the spam box, it should be shown in the inbox folder of the receiver.

Email Marketing Services

Email Signature:

Email Signature is another great opportunity to promote websites online and the firms do not care about whether the people are going to see it or not.

At the bottom of all email that you have sent to the targeted audience must contain the business logo, links of social accounts and website contact information so that they the customers can connect/contact to you easily.

Email Signature

#5. Promoting Online

Online Promotion Platform

Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is a great service being developed by Google (search engine giant) that can be used by law firms to promote their website online. Through Google AdWords, firms can create ads based on their business and further promote it to various platforms gathering online traffic each & every someone clicks on the ad.

Facebook Ads:

In our daily routine life, we spent most of the time in scrolling facebook feeds, news, notifications, videos and more.

Facebook ads are a great platform to reach to the target audience to provide them knowledgeable information. There are various advertisements(ads) are available on facebook so just look at the options and select the best one which would meet your criteria or suit your needs.

LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn generally can be used for the professional purpose as the lawyer firms mostly deal in career-related activities so the LinkedIn ads are a great way to promote its website online. Just by mentioning the company information on the top the firms can advertise on LinkedIn for free.

#6. Making Great Videos

Videos are trending these days in the online world as people prefer to watch videos instead of reading the content.

So, the firms can make great videos on Youtube which is based on topics relating to the particular subject. Youtube is also a great service being developed by Google and it is the second large search engine which means the video posted here can be founded on Google searches.

Creating some videos on Youtube is a great idea for the law firms to promote its website online that can be posted on the company’s website as well as shared on Youtube.

Have you make a variety of videos that is particularly based on the lawyer topics and if in case not start to do it from today itself.

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#7. Lead Conversion Activities

Whenever visitors visit your website by browsing and leave it in between then you have to make some necessary changes in your website which would help to convert these visitors into leads.

Lawyers or attorneys must take care about the points mentioned below and these features or buttons must be available on the lawyer website – just have a look at once

Landing Page:

Landing page is one of the most important pages of the website and it is a page where the users visit/ click and collect the information what the website deals in or what kind of services company is offering to the prospective customers.

Call to Action:

Must add a clear call to action button on each of the pages on your website. Call to action button must be available on all the articles, marketing material, and ads.

Through this, visitors are able to get to know about what you are dealing. So, whenever the visitor clicks on the Contact Us button, it must contain a form where the visitor can fill up their contact information.

Quotation Second

Live Chat Feature:

We have observed that many of the firms have live chat feature available on its website which helps to attract visitors to visit your website and they can ask any of the queries.

Live chat feature is more formal instead of sending an email or doing a phone call as well as it offered great satisfaction to the visitors. When you click on the particular website a ‘pop- up’ of how may I help you have appeared on your screen.

Mobile Friendly:

Lawyer firms make sure that their website is mobile friendly as most of the people would use smartphones or tablets to reach to your website.

Thank-You Page:

If you have carefully noticed that many of the websites say ‘thank you ‘ after purchasing the product or reading the content or availing the services. It shows that the company or firm is concerned about its customers.

From the customer’s point of view, they feel good when someone gives attention to them. So the lawyer firms can add the thank you page on its website to expand its visibility online.

#8. Legal Online Directories

By joining the legal online directories the law firms can promote its website online and it is one of the simplest and effective ways for lawyers or attorneys.

The lawyer firms make sure that its website has been listed on the local business and industry directories. By joining the good online directories, the law firms would be able to enhance its visibility in search results pages, collaborate with other professionals, get authoritative links to their site, and grow their image online.

Top Lawyer Online Directories:

Here we are going to provide a list of legal online directories which the lawyers/ attorneys can use for their website to promote online:-

Lawyer Online DirectoryDAType

#9. Participating in the Local Events

By participating in the local events you can promote your firm online as well as offline.

For instance, if you have conducted a seminar on any of the topic relating to the lawyer the participants who have attended the seminar surely take pictures and posted them on Facebook and Instagram.

Make sure that the pictures have been tagged by the participants must consist of your firm name and you can post these pictures on your website to attract more visitors.

#10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is by far the best thing you can do to promote your website in the online space. Google likes organic SEO (White Hat SEO) because it is the right way to increase your website rankings and popularity in search engines.

SEO is the process of optimizing your professional website for Search Engines like Google as well as for potential visitors.

Before you start working on the website content, you must know about SEO tools that have been a trend in the market. You can use SEO tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker, Moz Link Explorer Google Keyword Planner and more.

Search Engine Optimization Results

The Google Keyword Planner help the firms to get the best keywords for its niche market. The firms either can use long-tailed keywords or short keywords to rank on the Google search engine.

Firms must focus on the keywords that have low competition and high search frequency and create blog posts with these keywords that has informative and knowledgeable content which will be noticed by people.

Google Keyword Planner

Just by implementing the right SEO strategy, it helps the law firms to promote its website online. The keywords you have selected for your website it must be included in the title, headings, content, and meta description. SEO is one of the effective ways to get traffic naturally and on the top of the Google search engine.

We hope you find these Website Promotion tips helpful and effective for the online marketing of your own professional website.

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