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Second Covid: Avail of the opt-out Facility from the CS Exam 2021

postponed CS June 2021 exam of COVID-19

Considering the havoc caused by the second Covid, The Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI) has made a declaration that CS students can avail of the opt-out facility from the CS Exam June 2021 (whether foundation or executive or professional). This can be done by carrying forward the credit of exam fees to the next session i.e. December 2021 session  

But there is a precondition or time constraint or deadline for the aforesaid action. 

Alternative 1

The Student seeking an opt-out  request has to submit the request for an opt-out facility

  •  from 00.01 hours on Sunday, August 1 till 23.59 hours on Friday, August 20,
  • And fill the request on the google link
  • Further, no reasons are required to be submitted for the opt-out facility or in other words submitting Covid positive report is not compulsory.

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Alternative 2

Nevertheless, if student avails the aforesaid  opt-out facility from 00.01 hours on Saturday, August 21 till 23.59 hours, September 4 on Saturday, 

  • He has to (necessarily) submit his Covid-19 positive report to provide evidence that he/she himself/herself or his/her immediate relatives were infected to second Covid19 during the period from July 22 to August 20 of this year. If this report is not submitted, the application shall be cancelled.
  • The Application can be filled between 00.01 hours on Saturday, August 21 till 23.59 hours on Saturday, September 4 and he/she is required to submit his/her request at the Google form link 

Once the opt-out request is sent, it shall be treated as final and the student’s enrollment in June 2021 session exam will be cancelled and the candidature will be forwarded to December 2021.

Lastly and Importantly, the syllabus shall remain the same.

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