What Makes Professional Lawyer Smart In Solving Problems
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What Makes Professional Lawyer Smart In Solving Problems

Smart Professional Lawyers

Professional Lawyer generally does not concern the fact that the person or contender is unable to understand doesn’t have a law degree and it is really difficult for them to acknowledge the law jargon asap. A few take the EULA they sign as an arbitration clause and do not read it. In a research, it is found that only 1 from 10 really understands the EULA which includes the clause, although, rarely understand the meaning. That is really hard to believe.

Know The Client

Legal Lawyer frequently deal with many people and many of them have less than a high school qualification or some are undergraduates. They require to think before speak as words should be as the client can understand. The clients, legal professions, and lawyers are interconnected to each other and centered on the client.

Client First

Most professional lawyers have qualified IRAC or FIRAC which teaches to concentrate on the issue and case rather than the client, but it is required to go with alternatives as well like design thinking where you can treat the client with empathy. So, always put your client first and focus on the issue along with the client to become a good lawyer.

Hybrid Problem-Solving Mechanism

Most of the lawyers understand the inside out mechanism of FIRAC. So, move forward with the hybrid problem-solving mechanism which combines the other two methods to reach an easier way of solving the problems.
Take the world for real rather than unrealistic.
Combine your inner feeling and personal suggestions as well.
Give priority to the client, the law firms, world, and the court system and try to implement your solutions in a minimal way.

CIRSO Method

The CIRSO method stands for:

Here is the detailed explanation of the terms:


Ask following questions to yourself to know the clients in detail:

1. What is the race, age, gender, employment status, marital status, education level, family member status of the clients?
2. What are the facts considering the case and how you divide the situation in the real world according to client requirement?
3. What is the goal of your client? Although, to find the answer to this question is not that easy as the result can slightly or perfectly vary.

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It is always important to find out the issue using the analytical skills. List the issues sequentially and move further. Do not start off for the application process from here. We’ll go to that method in the next steps.
Try to find out the personal issues as well which are going to impact the health, family, relationships, and work of the client. Note down each impact carefully and try to reach the depth. Follow Badaracco saying, “Thoroughly and analytically consider every course of action available to you, along with the full, real-world, human consequences of each. What could we do? And who will be hurt or helped, short-term and long-term, by each option?”


Understand the issues thoroughly and try to implement legal rules, Attorney legal services and find how can your Law Firm Services help the issue to solve. Do research about all the rules and jot them down.

Understand the difference in core obligations and legal obligations for a legal lawyer. Here ethics rules play an important role. Consider all your obligations and duties to people matter for you the most and then outline the obligations and duties appropriate for you. It is also important to consider financial and emotional impacts before you proceed.

Putting beside the ethical obligations, professional lawyers must also focus on the reality. Badaracco also advise to ask this question to yourself, “pushes you to look at [the] problem in a clear-eyed, pragmatic way — seeing the world not as you[r] [client] would like it to be but as it is.” ask yourself that if you are considering the situation in the real world and it is just an illusionary aspect of your solution. “Of the possible solutions … which is most likely to work? Which is most resilient? And how resilient and flexible are [they]?”


Apply standard legal applications to the problem and gauge what will be the outcome of this. Another way is to think outside of the box and ask the client about the other choices a client has. Further, also go with some other options like bypassing the legal matter, negotiation or other option which is best suitable collaboratively for you and your opposing side.

Try to make a long run relationship and this is only possible when you show your dedication and present all the possible options in front of the client. Behave like a counselor, advisor, lawyer, and member of the legal firms.



As a professional lawyer one must consider all the above-mentioned points, you can come up with the conclusion acknowledging the rule of law and discuss it with the client. You also need to show the alternative options as well as them so that there is no chance of any complaint.


When you present alternative options with your client, you can discuss them and find appropriate outcomes of each option, or simply you can prioritize your best option and see if they are convinced too on the same page.
When you present all possible ways the client can route through, here your obligation and duty end. Badaracco mentions, “Ultimately you must choose, commit to, act on, and live with the consequences of your choice.” Just share your decision with your mentor, friend or someone you trust to find out you are feeling comfortable with all the outcome and emotional responses.

How Human Deals With Problems

Now, you understand that how three methodologies work collaboratively but it is also needed that you expand your way of thinking about each legal issue. Because it is a real-life case where many people are involved and where legal obligations and rules play an important role in the emotions. You realize that attracting clients to your website using lawyer web design plays an important role, but what really matters is how you deal later to the issue.

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