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ICAI issues FAQs on ‘Opt-Out’ of CA Exams May 2020

FAQs on ‘Opt-Out’ of CA Exams

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI ) recently released a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Opt-Out’ of CA Exams May 2020. 

The institute made some important announcements on June 15, and June 17, 2020, by keeping all connected ICAI advised that all the students who are registered for May 2020 examinations and to change the city of examination or to “Opt-Out” of May 2020 Examinations and in lieu of it appear in November 2020 Examination with a due carryover of the fees paid, exemptions, etc.

Need to go Through the FAQs, which are engraved Below.

Q1. What precautions do students need to follow while at the examination center?

Ans. All the students have to follow the below-listed precautions at the time of reporting at the Exam Centre: 

(a) it is mandatory to wear Face Mask at all the time at the Examination Centre; 

(b) Must carry a small transparent bottle of hand sanitizer for personal use,

(c) Maintain social distancing all the times at the Examination Centre, 

(d) Make sure to reach the examination center at least 1 hour before the exam time.

Q2. What process ICAI will follow for the admitting of students in the center?

Ans. ICAI will come up with instructions for its examination centers to take care of all the necessary precautions, which includes:

(a) Each and every student have to go through a thermal scanning before entering the examination center or even hall; 

(b) All the students will be hand sanitized just before entering the examination center or hall; 

(c) Students will be hand sanitized before and after using a lavatory; 

(d) Students wearing a face mask will be only allowed. 

(e) The social distancing between students will be maintained at the entrance of the Centre as well as in the Examination Hall.

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Q3. In case if any student has a fever, What step will be taken? Will he be allowed to appear in the Exam?

Ans. No, if anyone traced fever in thermal scanning then he/she will be not allowed to enter the Examination Centre. But in case if the student represents a valid Medical Certificate that proves that Fever is not on account of COVID – 19 only then he.she will be allowed to enter the examination hall. Meanwhile, the certificate will be submitted at the examination center at the time of entry, and the same needs to be issued by a Medical Practitioner having at least an MBBS Degree.

Q4. What will happen in the case when a student forgot to wear a face mask at the Centre?

Ans. It is mandatory to wear a face mask all the time at the time of entry and during the conduct of the Exam. However, ICAI will also make the necessary arrangements as per the need.

Q5. Will the Examination Centre be sanitized on the Examination dates?

Ans. Yes. Examination Centres will be sanitized on the examination date. They will be also advised to keep sanitizers at some prominent places such as the entry of the center, entry of exam hall and washrooms, etc.

Q6. Will the Examination Functionaries will also take the necessary precautions for Coronavirus?

Ans. Yes, Examination functionaries will also take necessary precautions for Coronavirus.

Q7. Is the extension of Intermediate (IPC) [Old Course] up to November 2020 Examination only applicable for the students who “Opt-out” or for “All”?

Ans. It is applicable to all the students.

Q8. Will November 2020 be the last attempt for Final [Old Course] Students?

Ans. It was decided that 6 attempts will be given for old course Students, according to it if students “opt-out” from May 2020 Examination will get an extension up to May 2021.

Q9. Will the next exam be held in November 2020 or December 2020?

Ans. If the May 2020 examination (now July 2020) gets successfully conducted, then the November 2020 examination could begin from the December 1st week, 2020, as per the schedule.

Q10. What will happen if a student’s residence falls in the containment zone during the conduct of examinations?

Ans. In such a case,  such students will be given the option to apply for “opt-out” with the said notification/copy of the order of the competent authority and will be transferred in November. 2020 Examination with all the benefits in terms of advancing fees, discounts, etc.

Q11. What steps will be taken if the examination center falls under the contentment zone before the beginning of the exam or during the dates of exams?

Ans. ICAI will transfer all the students to a nearby examination center located in the non-cantonment zone. In the case of non-availability of the nearby centers, then the students will be transferred to the November 2020 examination with fees, discounts, etc.

Q12. What step will be taken if a particular city is not able to conduct the examination due to the high number of  COVID-19 cases?

Ans. All the students of that particular city will be automatically be shifted to November 2020 Examination session and fee, exemption, etc. will be carried forward.

Q13. What step will be taken if any student appeared in 3 papers but for the next paper, his residence comes under containment zone, i.e. in cases of partial attendance in exams?

Ans. Such Students will be shifted to November 2020 Examination with all benefits fees, exemption, etc. subject to the submission of Order / Notice / Letter / Notification, etc. from the competent Authority. 

It needs to be noted that the student has to appear in the complete group in the next examination session because the shifting of partial paper(s) is not allowed.

Q14.What will happen If a student appeared for all the papers of one group, but during any paper of the other group, his / her residence/examination center comes under the Containment area i.e. for partial attendance?

Ans. One group will be considered as completely appeared. and the student has to appear in the next examination session for completing the second group. Shifting of partial paper(s) in a group is not allowed.

Q15. What step will be taken, If a student found COVID – 19 positive before or after the exam or not appearing well before the exam?

Ans. Such a student will not be allowed to appear in the July 2020 examination and will be accommodated by ICAI till the next examination i.e. November 2020, on submission of valid medical test reports. 

If any student is showing symptoms of COVID-19 then they will be not allowed for this exam and will opt for the next examination upon submission of a valid medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner having at least an MBBS degree.

Q16.If a student failed to choose “Opt-Out” now, can he allow to choose opt-out later?

Ans. it is only permitted only if the residence falls under the containment zone or he is not well accounting COVID or other health issues and also has a valid medical certificate.

Q17. If a student now chooses “opt-out”, can he later opt to appear in the exam?

Ans.  No, Such a change will be not allowed.

Q18. If a student chooses “opt-out” now and later the institute postpones the examinations, then what will be the remedial action?

Ans. If it happens then, the student will be shifted to November 2020 Examination and all the benefits such as fee, exemption, etc, will be carried forward.

Q19. Can students change their examination city even after the closing of correction window?

Ans. No, the filled examination city details through the correction window from June 17th to 20th, 2020 will be considered final, and there will be allowed thereafter.

Q20. Is there any other document or letter that needs to be upload if I choose “opt-out”?

Ans. Only the duly filled and signed declaration (in the given format) is needed to be uploaded through the correction window.

Q21. If a student wants to opt for the ‘Out opt-out’ facility but does not have the print facility available in his home or nearby market to print the declaration format, what should he do?

Ans. Such students are advised to submit or upload a scanned copy with all relevant details required duly signed and as per the format. However, this option should be only used only where the print facility is not accessible.

Q22. Will water be provided at the examination center during the examination?

Ans. Yes, but students are advised to carry their own water bottle at the Centre.

The ICAI also made it clear that they have tried to answer all the examinees’ queries or observations till the time. However, if any query remains unanswered then that can be bought into the attention of the authorities using email at

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