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Things To Remember While Selecting A Website Theme For Your First Business Website

Website Theme Your Business Website

Digital marketing is no doubt on edge these days with almost every business switching to a website to promote its products and services. While opting for a website, people often take its technical functionality seriously keeping the website’s physical appearance (website themes) on the background but trust me both have their own importance. For attracting a customer and retaining him on your website the website theme is the weapon.

Now that you have decided to emphasize the theme of your website let me say that there are plenty of options (free and paid) in the market to allure you but you need to choose wisely keeping in mind all the aspects of your website.

A website theme comprises of colour scheme, layout and some styling elements which will give a lively essence to your website and will be an online face for your company brand.

As it is said ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ ’ issues like poor coding, poor search engine optimization, slow speed etc. still exist.

Therefore from this point onwards, the article will focus on six elements that will help you choose the best website theme to promote your business.

#1. Simple Yet Classy

Maybe a decade ago or so, there were people opting for websites which are very loud like high animations, fancy graphics, radiant fonts, and other bells and whistles but the time has changed now people prefer the simple yet classy website that is highly informative with user-friendly yet classy designs.

An extra fancy website is enough to divert the user’s attention from the goal for which he landed on your website and finally, he will switch to other alternatives. Well if you are seeking some ideas for simple yet effective websites there are various examples online. You can visit these sites over the internet and keep yourself on the customer’s place while browsing them.

#2. Developer’s Synchrony

This is often ignored by many who are opting to have a website. The website requires to be timely updated in order to keep your theme from breaking which is the duty of a developer. It’s very rare that you will be able to install a theme and not have to make updates as the platform you are using changes and advances. If your website is asking for several updates that mean your website developer is continually making changes in the theme to make it reach to a perfect point in terms of appearance.

The two best examples of such websites are WordPress and online Newspapers that are constantly being updated for fresh content.

Most of the themes in the market will have information about the developer along with the log of updates which is being released with a particular theme. If you are able to access the update logs of your website means this is the theme with excellent developer support.

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#3. Accessible via Smartphones

This is the era of smartphones where people prefer to browse to websites on their smartphones rather than searching on those bulgy machines, therefore, a website theme should be responsive in mobiles as well. Go for an extremely adaptive website theme keeping in mind the concerns of a visitor.

Curate and properly redesign your webpage as per Accelerated Mobile Page so that the website loads and shows all the required content to the visitor.

There are several instances where websites have an easy to access registration form displayed for their users on the laptop but fail to give an effective form filing feature on the mobile website which is again a hindrance for the user which eventually diverts him from that particular website.

#4. Access to Plugins, apps and Extensions

Once the website theme is decided, the person will always customize the looks (tabs, fonts or any registration forms if any) so that it goes hand in hand with the brand he is promoting along with adding special features to enhance user experience.

WordPress has over 54,000 plugins available, Shopify has thousands of apps and WooCommerce has Extensions available to help enhance your website theme. You need to find out which one is best depending on the nature of your business.

For small scale service-based businesses, the idea behind acquiring a website is lead generation so Wordpress would be a choice along with great promotional write-ups to attract customers onboard.

The market has plenty of plugins that will assist you with implementation and require no coding or technical know-how. Enlist what features you want to add to your theme.

#5. Testing The Website’s Compatibility with All Web-Browsers

Make sure that your website is responsive on all the popular web browsers. Testing is the next crucial step after development. Test it on smartphones, laptops, computers and on different browsers.

One can find options online for testing their websites like Browser Shots allows you to run through them all at once. If an issue appears on a particular testing browser examine your website on other available tools.

Hire Website Designer For Business

#6. Need For Professional Website for Business in 21st Era

However, if you are in search of a complete website development services giving you a business professional website which is for serving your clients in a better manner, to serve them all the information what they need making them select your services for their firm. The professional website takes the centre stage of attraction of the visitor and makes them rely and trust on your services so therefore it is utmost important for you to keep care of your business needs.

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