Important Factors Before Creating A Chartered Accountant Website

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Know Important Factors Before Creating a Chartered Accountant Website

Factors For Creating a Chartered Accountant Website

India is growing economically day by day and that day is not far when India will become “economic powerhouse” and “leading power”. This growth is just because of the young India who decides to be the boss instead of working under someone else.

But for a startup, you have to face a lot of problems but that hard work will give you ripe success. But as per the present scenario, the Chartered Accountant is on demand so he can start his own business. For this to happen you have to invest money and apart from this, you will also have to create a chartered accountant website for showing what you are offering your clients.

CAs are very good at managing the audit work and keeping everything organized which is the most important thing to handle the business tasks. A CA plays its role very well if that be his own business or industry. The CA always want to grow the economy of India as well as their CA website platform. They are trained in such a way in which they give their 100 percent.

Which services do a CA firm provides?

Following are the services that a CA firm provides-

  • Auditing Services
  • Tax Advisory Service
  • Management Assurance Service

What questions arise in the mind of CAs?

Following are the questions that come in the mind of CAs-

  • How will I be able to keep my employees in my CA firm/LLP satisfied?
  • Which one is better my practice or job?
  • How can I provide quality services to my clients?
  • How can I improve my CA practice?

What are the Major things to keep in mind for Creating a Chartered Accountant Website?

Given below are the most important thing that a CA must keep in mind while creating a CA website-

11 Factors For Creating A CA Website

#1. Follow ICAI Guidelines

A CA Professional can create his own website but with a format provided to them. You must not include an impulsive format while designing the website and you can choose any color for the website. There should be no advertisements but you can add professional stationery. You must add elements like- Firm name, Login, Year of establishment, e-mail id, blogs, jobs and many more during creating a website.

The most important thing to note is that CA who is practicing or training cannot use the logo on the website. Only the authorized member is given permission to post the articles and information of CAs. A CA website must also contain a ‘News Tab Option’.

Note: Check here the complete ICAI Guidelines for creating a CA Website

#2. Simplicity is Powerful

“I believe that things can be expressed very powerfully through simplicity.” ― Johann Johannsson

The website of the accountant firm must be simple but well-built. The website loading time must be quick so that the client does not leave the page without visiting it. All the features must be built for which this website is created.

All the essential information must be mentioned on the homepage. It has been proved that most of the people’s eye goes to the left side panel of the website due to which it is recommended that the important information must be written on the left side. The users can use any side of the website to give the information because-

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.” – Winnie The Pooh

The upper part is also important because it is the first thing that appears when a website is opened. So it must be accommodated with the core information which you want to give the clients.

But it does not mean that you have to provide all the information at the top, because there are people who love scrolling. And for the people who don’t love scrolling the scroll down menu is the best option.

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#3. Well-Designed Layout Makes Navigation Easier

The layout of the website matters a lot because the customer goes with the flow and if that flow is distracted then it might lead to consequences because-

Well-designed layout = easy navigation

Always try to make a website in the way you want to see other’s website. This is will you in better understanding of the customers. If the website is disorganized and there is a lot of information then it will be difficult for the customer to navigate. Due to this the customer will leave the website and will also not suggest others. A website must be appealing and the customer must find everything easily.

#4. Optimisation at Par

“We need to optimize our web content for desktop visitors, voice search, social media followers, and mobile users. The task could feel quite challenging, overwhelming, and almost impossible to achieve.” ― Olawale Daniel

The most trending thing is the smartphone because it is so smart that even a website can run in it due to which the website must be responsive. So the optimisation must be at best as it runs on the computer as well as in mobile screen. The need for adjusting the content must not occur.

#5. Updation is Must

The website must be updated regularly because your website showcases your work and business. Updation keeps the clients informative and connected to you. So you can also use tools which are available online for simple, faster and instinctive updation.

#6. Inclusion of ‘Calls to Action’ is a Must

If you want to increase the visits then you must mandatorily include the ‘calls to action’. It is the possibility that the visitor who visits your site regularly can be your potential client.

So to keep a hold on him make use of ‘calls to action’ so that he can step ahead to stay connected with you. So your website must include ‘calls to actions’ such as sign up, register, query column, download now and many more. It will help in getting more clients and they might also connect with you.

#7. Blogging helps to Expertise your Words

To attract new clients and hold old clients, you must always try to provide information through your blogs. The blog will help you in showing your skills to the clients which will leave a positive impact on them. The most important thing to note is that the blog must open quickly as the late response can lead to a negative impact due to which the client may disconnect with you. Make a website in which the user can reach your blog just by clicking on it.

#8. SEO Friendly Website

For a website to be successful, its SEO must be friendly. For this, you have to include proper keywords as per the content because the search engine will display your content only if the use of keywords is proper. So keep in mind that the keywords must not be repeated that must be used carefully. And to increase the traffic on your website make use of blogs and articles.

#9. Make use of Interactive Smiley’s

The best thing you can do to make your clients feel comfortable and stay connected is the use of interactive smiley on the website. This will leave a positive impact on the mind of the clients due to which they will contact you and ask you for the help.

#10. Social Media Encourages 2-way Interaction

At present, there are a lot of social media platforms through which you can interact with the clients and get more clients. Try to use maximum social media platform as people are most active on such platforms due to which the traffic will increase on your website.

Because of these platforms, there will be 2-way interaction with business as well as the customers. The customers will easily get in touch with you and will directly contact you.

#11. Provide Contact Information

It is mandatory to add the contact details of yours in your website because this is the only way by which the clients will contact you. This will also help you to stay connected with your clients. It will leave an impact that you will be always present for their help.

If you can take the help from the CA portal to create a Chartered Accountant website. It provides you with the best Chartered Accountant website template which you can choose as per your convenience. You can easily customize the template and no one will bound you from the accessibility. The CA portal also helps you in generating your own domain. So if you are looking for creating a CA firm, you can visit this site and take the advantages the company is providing you.

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