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On world Accountants, Day ICAI Launches Global Management Development Program

ICAI Launches Global Management Development

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has conducted a Global Management Development Programme on the world’s accountant day despite the time of pandemic the ICAI continues to boost knowledge along with enhancement in the profession.

The program has received several responses and around 75 peoples around the globe which includes Australia, Singapore, and Middle East countries, and all parts of India were chosen for this memoranda.

The ICAI is the 2nd biggest body of Chartered Accountants in the world. The body works on the financial platform the body was incorporated in 1949 prior to the implementation of the Indian constitution.

Also, it is the preeminent form to do an audit, accounting, taxation, and corporate laws, the implementation of the scheme and practice and offers for initiatives of the government. 

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Meanwhile to arrange the innovation, learning, and research for the latest economic system the ICAI has made the centre of excellence CoE at Hyderabad. ICAI is the first platform to initiate CoE globally through the launch of the 1st management program from CoE which provides an environment for the learners to learn and upgrade 21st Century Managerial and guidance skills.

Also, it engages with the development of Inquisitive, Predictive, Prescriptive, descriptive, and Pre-emptive professions in terms of financial management so as to enhance such skills and stay together with the future. CA’S, IIM/ISB/International Faculty, Media Personalities along with the high experience masters trainers have incorporated the program.

“This course will inculcate the competencies and skill sets that are considered so essential to succeed in the current environment. This pandemic has affected the businesses and economic activities throughout the world in a low touch manner that was not seen or heard in the last hundred years.”

“Challenging situation posed by the pandemic has taught the industry leaders to think out of the box, innovate and prepare for any kind of disruptions,” said CA Atul Kumar Gupta president of ICAI states while launching the ceremony he moreover said that ICAI Central Council Member CA Dayaniwas Sharma is the person behind the program and implant the desired skillsets. 

The world business including the economic environment has been affected heavily through the coming of the 4th industrial revolution, said Vice President, ICAI, CA Nihar Niranjan Jambusaria.

The chief guest on the occasion CA Keshav R. Murugesh, also known as ‘Turnaround Turk’ and 

The CEO of WNS global services which is an NYSE listed Business process handling organization says that there is an enhancement in the world’s economic condition and what alteration does exist in the position of Chartered accountants along with finance professionals. This is totally a distraction that impacts the organizations thus there is a need for distinct skills and education to lead the order.

Ex NASA Chief Knowledge Officer, Mr. Edward Rogers, associate the career and the alterations with the leadership requirement so as to collaborate as well as teamwork. The program was indeed attended by famous peoples along with central council members.

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