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2024 Best Responsive Website Themes for Accounting, Corporate & Law Firm Website

Responsive Website Themes for CA, CS & Lawyer

Having a great Accounting website is one of the toughest tasks for online businesses nowadays as everyone depends on the search engine giant to choose the right service providers. Having a good website is a fundamental key for the online accounting business and it has several benefits such as increasing the revenue of the business, attracting more and more audiences, reaching new customers by telling about the company description and more. An ample number of website themes and templates are available for free on the internet wherein you are not required to develop the accounting firm website template.

A chartered accountant firm website is a way to advertise your business online to reach a wider audience. Every designer puts great effort into developing a responsive, simple, flexible, elegant, great-looking website that has better navigation, advanced features, and a user-friendly interface.

From the marketing or the owner’s point of view, make sure that you have placed each element in its perfect place whether you are working with a perfect theme or web hosting services. Everything is to be done perfectly.

CA, CS Lawyer & Accounting Websites for Your Firm

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    CA Portal (A place for professional website themes) is one of the most renowned and widely used frameworks which especially deals in offering CA, CS and Lawyer professional themes or templates. The templates have been designed keeping in mind the guidelines of the ICAI & law and it is ready to use websites wherein the users have to put the content or some minor changes. In this case, if the developer wants to design the website for its business he can develop it by using CA responsive websites.

    Reasons To Choose Responsive Website Theme:

    Why You Opt for a Responsive Website Theme as it offers a lot of great features to the user. It allows users to develop an astonishing website without putting too much effort and cost.

    Simple: All professional templates have been designed in the simplest form that allows the user to access them easily. The templates are available in different design languages and styles.

    Quickly: Website themes are ready-to-use solutions in case a particular person wants to create a website in a short time. The choice of website themes plays an important role in business.

    Mobile-Friendly: Mobile Users have been increasing rapidly so we have understood the current scenario of the market and the CA professional website is a mobile-friendly

    Customized: Whatever kind of online business you want to set up for your project. Lawyer Professional templates allow the users to pick up the features that they require.

    If you are looking for a template for your website responsive website offers various templates/ themes relating to the CS, CA, and lawyer. Before choosing any of the templates must remember that you are delivering the best possible experience for your visitors.

    Our teams have designed the templates keeping in mind the client’s requirements and come with various great features that are mentioned below:

    • Mobile-Friendly Layout
    • Google language converter
    •  Online Chat (Live chat, WhatsApp chat)
    • Social Media Button
    • Visitors Counter
    • Client Reviews and Testimonials
    • Enquiry form for Website
    • Google forms
    • Google Maps on the Website
    • Due Date Reminder
    • Fast and Reliable Hosting
    • Optimized Code for Speed Fast Loading
    • SEO Optimization

    All of these features are available in our professional website builder which the user can as per its requirement. Here I am going to provide you with a list of responsive website themes which allow users to develop a professional website for business.

    Accounting Firm Website Template For CA Professionals:

    1. Aquatic Green (CA Professional Theme)

    A beautiful Aquatic Green (CA professional Theme) has been designed keeping in mind the client’s requirements which come with enticing features such as news, forums and important notifications relating to law. Furthermore, the theme also has a section on central excise, expenditure tax, income tax, calculator, blog and more.

    The professional aquatic green theme is loaded with features that would be beneficial for chartered accountants. Let’s purchase this theme and grow business your business online.

    An Aquatic green comes with a host of enticing features that are as follows:-

    • CHAT
    • GST
    ca template 1

    2. Colourful Rounded Tabs (CA Professional Theme)

    This good-looking theme is specifically an accounting website designed for CA professionals with the combination of colourful rounded tabs which attract the users spontaneously.

    It serves all necessary legal features from monthly return forms to filing annual returns.

    The CA professional theme comes with features such as Due Date Reminder, Forums, and Blog which allows clients to get connected with the latest news.

    Furthermore, the query form, location map and contact us allow businesses to stay connected with their potential clients.

    It gets a host of features that are as follows:-

    • Chat Option
    • Contact Us
    • Blogs
    • News
    • Calculator
    • Return Forms
    • Services
    • Acts/Rules
    ca template 2

    3. Mediterranean Blue (CA Professional Theme)

    The Mediterranean Blue theme has already inbuilt features like a direct Chat Option, Gallery, Mission, About us, Separate Login Panel, Firm Information, and Utilities.

    The Mediterranean Blue CA professional website theme gets an attractive front- page and the theme is being designed in a manner to attract potential clients as well as inform them about the recent trend.

    Due to the great features and functionalities of CA professional theme has been liked by most Chartered Accountants.

    The CA professional website comes with great features such as social media tabs, important links (Query form, GST, etc), an auto calculator, automatic updating of notifications and more.

    Key Attractions of The Template Include:-

    • Direct Chat Option
    • GST
    • Gallery
    • BLOG
    • Important Links
    • News
    Mediterranean Blue CA Theme
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    Themes For Company Secretary Professional:

    1. Sun Rise (CS Professional Theme)

    Sunrise CS Professional theme grabs the attention of the clients instantly as it is designed with bright colours. The picturesque predicts that the theme is particularly designed for finance and money. The black written text with an orange layout would be apparent and could be visualized easily.

    Interestingly, the theme gets all the necessary features to keep in mind the client’s requirements which are listed below:-

    • Home Page on the Top
    • Contact Us Button
    • Map
    • Blog
    • News
    • Important Links
    Sun Rise CS Theme

    View template

    Furthermore, the CS professional theme also has a direct chat option, social media tabs, efficient links, a calculator and more. If you are looking to start a professional website for CS, this responsive website is great for your online presence.

    2. Working on Corporates Themes with Executives

    The attractive blue-coloured theme will perfectly maintain the attraction of your clients with all the relevant features and tabs on the go. Clients will be able to reach any part of your website to gain your services. Some of the enticing features of the CS theme include Career (Job Vacancy), Enquiry, Chat Options, Blog Creativity, Mission, Vision, About Us, Social Media Tabs, Auto Calculator, and Separate Login Panel.

    Sesame Green CS Theme

    The top-end features such as home, services, tools, important links, rules, circular, and notifications are synchronized with green colour which could help to render a great impression on the audience. If you are dedicated to nature lovers then the sesame green theme is great for your online business.

    View template

    3. Orange Haze (CS Professional Theme)

    The layout of this theme is designed in a combination of white and orange colours which could enhance visibility. Our orange and white colour will speak for itself as it is a mix of attractive colours, sober design and responsive tab allocation for better theme applicability. The template gets enticing features such as social media tabs, visitor counters, blogs, automatic updating of notifications, circulars, acts gallery, and rules gallery.

    Orange Haze CS Theme

    Other key features of Return Forms, Circulars, Notifications, and a calculator would the online business firms to keep interacting with clients.

    View template

    Theme For Lawyer Professional:

    1. LAW landing page Website (Lawyer Professional theme)

    This professional lawyer theme is designed in ocean blue colour with black writing, enhancing the visibility of the readers on a website.

    The front logo of the theme is indicates that it is particularly designed for the lawyers to attract the client’s attention. Apart from the design, it gets enticing features such as important links, maps social media tabs, GST calculator, news, blogs and more.

    At the top of the template has all the attention-seeking Home, Services, Blog and Contact Us action buttons are the place where the audience quickly goes through.

    View template

    2. black and Beige (Legal Professional theme)

    The black and beige layout and white text were written over it clearly resembling the prompt nature of the lawyers. The lawyer’s professional theme is being offered with great features including home, about us, blog, testimonial and contact us.

    The other highlighting features of the theme are a separate login panel, important links, firm information, social media tabs, automatic important notifications and more.

    View template

    3. Light Blue and White (Lawyer Professional Theme)

    Lawyer Theme 3 is one of the best HTML-based responsive and user-friendly website templates for lawyers. The template creates a very engaging feel with the unique colour combination, highlighting all the connecting kinds of stuff. The template can easily fit the personality of the lawyer and it features a Team detail page, Firm detail page, Admin login panel along with Email login panel. The template also features a Department Link Gallery, Visitor’s Counter, Client Login Panel, Services, and many more.

    View template

    The gracious professional lawyer theme is designed in such a manner that meets all client’s requirements. The features of the theme include important links, blogs, social media tabs, maps, about, forms gallery, automatic notifications and more.

    website theme

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